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Alteryx Drives Pipeline and Generates Growth by Switching to SalesLoft

Alteryx Drives Pipeline and Generates Growth by Switching to SalesLoft

Director of Lead Development at Alteryx stakes his reputation on SalesLoft being the sales engagement platform to help his team ignite pipeline and achieve growth.

Alteryx provides a self-service data science and analytics platform that is revolutionizing business, empowering users to deliver game-changing insights like never before. With Alteryx, business analysts and data scientists alike can discover, share and prep data, perform analysis, and deploy and manage analytic models – all in a collaborative, governed environment.

Organizations rely on data when making critical business decisions. Whether it’s an airline looking to optimize fueling locations, or a retailer strategizing which store should sell certain products, data provides insights to make better-informed decisions. Steve Dodsworth, Director of Lead Development at Alteryx, is familiar with making important business decisions and manages a team of Lead Development Representatives (LDRs) selling to companies looking to improve business results with their end-to-end analytics platform.

The Challenge

When Steve joined Alteryx, he inherited a sales engagement platform that lacked the functionality and deliverability initially promised. One of the most significant concerns was email deliverability. The team wasn’t confident their emails reached the intended recipient, and in a role that consists of 70% outbound prospecting, deliverability issues impacted the ability to generate pipeline and achieve quota. As a result, a significant percentage of the team didn’t reach their quota, and adoption of the sales engagement platform declined to nearly 50%.

Beyond email deliverability, the previous platform lacked the functionality to share effective cadences and templates amongst the team. Alteryx uses a target account selling model, so it’s important to have account-specific cadences. The inability to share cadences forced leadership to copy and build out individual cadences for reps, which left them with less time to spend coaching and developing reps.

After only four months, Steve summed up the situation with one word, “frustrating.”

Switching to SalesLoft

Steve knew a platform with the functionality to generate pipeline and share effective cadences was the answer. Having used the SalesLoft platform at previous companies, Steve was familiar with SalesLoft, and confident the platform would provide the functionality that his team and the entire sales organization needed to be successful.

There was just one problem – the company had already invested both time and money with the previous vendor, and were locked in a long-term contract. After months of trying to get the other platform to perform in ways he knew SalesLoft could, Steve approached leadership about making the switch.

“This is a switch we need to make to ensure sales has enough pipeline to exceed their goals. Even if it means switching platforms mid-contract. The benefits of moving to SalesLoft will most certainly outweigh those costs. I’m willing to put my job and reputation on the line to make that happen.”

Confident that the benefits would outweigh the cost, Steve convinced leadership to forgo the remaining investment in the current tool. “It was a risk, but I knew the SalesLoft platform would deliver.”

Enter SalesLoft

Sharing Cadences

Now with SalesLoft, the ability to share effective cadences and email templates means Steve and his team can personalize communication at scale. With these templates and cadences in place, the team began to double their email reply rate and quickly deliver on pipeline.

“We tried personalization to see how that could help, and boom! We started getting an increase in reply rates. It was double the reply rate we were previously experiencing.”

Sharing cadences also arms new hires with the most effective messaging at their fingertips. New hires can start being productive and contributing to the success of the organization from day one.

“SalesLoft really reduces the amount of time it takes for a rep to be productive and start contributing. I’d say in 45 to 60 days [since switching to SalesLoft] we started to see an uptick in the number of reps reaching and exceeding sales quota, and it continues to increase.”

Coaching Opportunities

Not having to focus on copying email templates, Steve set his sights on coaching sales reps and preparing them for the next step in their career. Steve views the LDR team as “our bullpen of future sales all-stars,” and ensuring their success is vital to the health of the Alteryx sales organization.

Live Call Studio and call recording continue to improve the confidence of the team when picking up the phone.

“We love that SalesLoft gives us the opportunity to provide call coaching. We leverage this functionality on an ongoing basis. Reps are a lot more confident going into calls after receiving coaching and it’s improving our conversion metrics.”

– Steve Dodsworth, Director of Lead Development at Alteryx

Confidence is key when preparing reps for the next step in their careers. The additional time spent on coaching activities led to more promotions from within the LDR team to higher roles in the organization.

“We’ve promoted 22 LDRs to sales reps or other roles within the company. We’re continually bringing in new representatives.”

The Results

Achieving Quota and Pipeline Generation

With the increase in pipeline generation and improvement of rep performance, the number of reps achieving quota began to rise steadily. Reps are now maximizing their efforts by spending time on accounts closer to closing, as “the quality opportunities increased.”

“A lot of that [rep success] is attributed to just having good processes in place for not only inbound lead follow-up but outbound prospecting, as well.”

The SalesLoft Community

One of the most overlooked benefits of adopting a new sales technology is the community of users that comes with it. Steve and his team find the sharing of best practices and insights into how other organizations utilize the platform beneficial to their own success.

“I’ve benefited tremendously through the network I’ve built of people who use SalesLoft. It’s more than a platform; it’s the support from the organization and the community of other users that, to me, is equally important.”

SalesLoft Adoption

With a sales engagement platform that his team is confident using, adoption is no longer an issue. SalesLoft has become a part of daily activity, a tool that the Alteryx sales team relies on to enable success.

“If SalesLoft stopped working for more than a minute I would immediately receive notifications and phone calls. That validates the importance of the software.”

Steve’s confidence in SalesLoft as the sales engagement platform his team needed paid off. Shared “best practice” cadences continue to drive pipeline, and the extra time spent coaching positively impacts team performance and morale. When the benefits of switching outweigh the cost, it’s necessary for an organization to make a transition.

“SalesLoft is more than just a tool. To me, SalesLoft leads the market in sales automation. They are the thought leaders.”
– Steve Dodsworth, Alteryx

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