Alteryx Drives Pipeline and Generates Growth by Switching to SalesLoft

Director of Lead Development at Alteryx stakes his reputation on SalesLoft being the sales engagement platform to help his team ignite pipeline and achieve growth.

Alteryx provides a self-service data science and analytics platform that is revolutionizing business, empowering users to deliver game-changing insights like never before. With Alteryx, business analysts and data scientists alike can discover, share and prep data, perform analysis, and deploy and manage analytic models – all in a collaborative, governed environment.

Organizations rely on data when making critical business decisions. Whether it’s an airline looking to optimize fueling locations, or a retailer strategizing which store should sell certain products, data provides insights to make better-informed decisions. Steve Dodsworth, Director of Lead Development at Alteryx, is familiar with making important business decisions and manages a team of Lead Development Representatives (LDRs) selling to companies looking to improve business results with their end-to-end analytics platform.

The Challenge

When Steve joined Alteryx, he inherited a sales engagement platform that lacked the functionality and deliverability initially promised. One of the most significant concerns was email deliverability. The team wasn’t confident their emails reached the intended recipient, and in a role that consists of 70% outbound prospecting, deliverability issues impacted the ability to generate pipeline and achieve quota. As a result, a significant percentage of the team didn’t reach their quota, and adoption of the sales engagement platform declined to nearly 50%.

Beyond email deliverability, the previous platform lacked the functionality to share effective cadences and templates amongst the team. Alteryx uses a target account selling model, so it’s important to have account-specific cadences. The inability to share cadences forced leadership to copy and build out individual cadences for reps, which left them with less time to spend coaching and developing reps.

After only four months, Steve summed up the situation with one word, “frustrating.”