Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud-controlled WiFi, routing, and security. The company was founded with the goal of making information technology and accessibility simple, beautiful, and reliable.

By allowing their customers to centrally manage all their networking devices from the cloud, Cisco Meraki is enabling business to reduce operating costs and increase their capabilities. This in turn is allowing modern businesses to solve new and exciting problems.

“The founders just had this vision about making IT simple for people. WiFi is such a core part of the infrastructure of the world that we live in now.”


The Challenge

Meraki faced a unique challenge in scaling their sales operations to the size of their parent company, Cisco Systems. This posed a host of challenges for the sales organization, including implementing consistent processes across both the sales development and account executive teams.

Cisco Meraki also needed to build a sales system that would allow it to track sales success and understand performance. This required seamless integration with the company’s Salesforce instance and detailed analytics available in both Salesforce and their sales engagement platform.


“We’re totally honed in on sales rep productivity and we’ve implemented SalesLoft to help meet that need.”

-Tracy Zirbel, Sales Ops Systems Manager, Cisco Meraki


The Solution


Cisco Meraki used SalesLoft to scale their sales organization to the enterprise level. By using SalesLoft cadences the entire sales organization has been able to increase efficiency and structure their process. The sales development team is able to personalize their engagement with customers at scale with consistency and the account executives are able to manage hundreds of partner relationships each day.

The sales organization can now better track their activity and quickly learn what is and isn’t working. SalesLoft enables Cisco to gain rich data and insight into performance across both major functions of the sales team: sales development and account executives.

Having both teams utilize SalesLoft helps SDRs graduate to the AE role. In addition to supporting that transition, SalesLoft is also helping former SDRs bring their knowledge and expertise to the AE role and utilize the SalesLoft platform in unique and effective ways.


“It’s really just bringing the whole tech stack together to make that process just flow for our reps.”

The Results

Cisco Meraki has been able to successfully scale their sales organization to meet the business needs of an enterprise company. SalesLoft has helped them build an effective, scalable process that is easy for the sales team to follow. On top of that, Cisco has been able to track and analyze rich performance data that is driving the continued optimization of their process and success.