Case Study

Qualia Incorporates Data-Driven Approach to Coaching, Reduces Turnover

July 13, 2018

Operating in a challenging market, Qualia struggled to capture the right data and find the insights needed to coach its full-cycle sales reps. Using SalesLoft, Qualia is able to make data-driven decisions that help the team ramp faster. Management leans on coaching techniques made possible with the platform, increasing effectiveness, improving messaging, and ensuring sales reps are primed to close deals.

Who is Qualia?

Qualia is transforming the real estate market with its state of the art technology platform that helps both buyers and sellers manage real estate transactions. Its team of software engineers, real estate professionals, and user experience experts are improving how real estate is transacted. Qualia’s technology has brought together thousands of title agents, lenders, and real estate agents to streamline the closing experience, remove the stress from home buying, and make the process transparent and secure.


Challenge: Gain the Right Insight to Coach Reps Better

Real estate professionals are hungry for software systems that simplify the closing process. However, selling new technology to this low-tech industry has its challenges. Scott Leese, Senior VP of Sales at Qualia, and his team struggled to gather the right data to gain insights into performance, which made it difficult to provide effective coaching. Without the right data, management faced the challenge of blindly identifying areas on which to focus its efforts.

The lack of insight into sales reps’ development needs resulted in a higher turnover rate and lower morale. Investing in the right suite of tools to help the team improve and succeed was critical. As Scott put it, “If I lose a couple of sales reps that are tenured, it might take me three, six, or eight months before I’ve recouped those lost team members.”

Solution: Coaching and Cadences Improve Messaging, Decrease Ramp Time, and Boost Morale

SalesLoft provided the platform necessary to achieve Qualia’s coaching objectives. The data SalesLoft surfaced allowed Scott and the sales leadership team to train reps in the areas they needed the most help. Employees are more likely to stay with an organization that values their professional development and growth, and SalesLoft supplied the information needed to help reps improve their skills and achieve their goals.

Live call studio

One feature Scott and his team find particularly beneficial is the ability to listen to account executive calls in real time with Live Call Studio. It not only provides insight into what buyers are saying but also how the team member responded to questions and objections. This feature allowed sales managers to supply solutions and suggestions in real-time.

It’s fantastic to be able to listen in on your team’s calls. The Whisper functionality is really helpful for giving feedback. Biggest benefit to using SalesLoft? Honestly, the coaching opportunities it provides.  -Scott Leese, Senior VP of Sales at Qualia

With better coaching data and the ability to listen to live calls, Scott could focus on ensuring that messaging aligned across the entire sales organization. Understanding what approaches resonate with buyers was critical to developing effective cadences.

“It’s very helpful for us to know if our messaging is hitting home based on our open rates, click rates, and response rates,” Scott said.

SalesLoft cadences also allowed Scott and his team to pinpoint the most effective messaging and pitch so new hires could be productive right from the start. In a competitive landscape, equipping new hires with best practice cadences and workflows from day one had a significant impact on productivity. As churn decreased, everyone felt the boost in morale.

“If I’m doing everything I can to make [my reps] successful… listening to them, helping them get where they want to go, I think their performance is going to go up, and their morale is going to be higher,” Scott said.

With coaching and messaging needs met, the Qualia sales team could turn its attention to other tactics that increase buyer engagement. 

Operating in an industry that’s still a bit antiquated, Qualia found that buyers responded better to personalized communication and thoughtful gestures. SalesLoft integrations like Sendoso made it easy to go the extra mile with prospects, engaging with them in genuine ways along each touchpoint. This level of personalization helps differentiate Qualia from the competition, leading to increased revenue. Scott said it best, “It would be foolish of me or anybody else to try to scale a sales organization without using the SalesLoft platform.”

The biggest difference between SalesLoft and the competitors that are out there is just the genuine concern and care for people like me who are a customer of SalesLoft.  –Scott Leese, Senior VP of Sales

Results: Higher Rep Retention, Better Messaging Alignment, and a Personalized Buying Experience

Using the SalesLoft platform meant that Scott and his team could invest in the development, retention, and coaching of their full-cycle sales reps. It also allowed the leadership team to have visibility into customer interactions, resulting in better messaging alignment across the sales organization.

All of these benefits meant the buying experience for each Qualia customer was personalized and genuine, leading Qualia closer to its goal of bringing real estate transactions into the modern world.

I came to Qualia about a year and a half ago. SalesLoft was one of the first vendor purchases that we made. It’s just the right way to get your team off the ground and scaling appropriately.  –Scott Leese, Senior VP of Sales

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