Qualia Reduces Turnover by Incorporating a Data-Driven Approach to Coaching Practices

Using SalesLoft to coach his full-cycle sales reps, Scott Leese, Senior VP of Sales at Qualia, makes data-driven decisions that help the team ramp faster.

Qualia is transforming the real estate market. Their state of the art technology platform helps both buyers and sellers manage real estate transactions. Real estate professionals are hungry for software systems that simplify the closing process; however, selling new technology to this low-tech industry has its challenges. To ensure his full-cycle sales reps are primed to close deals, Scott Leese, Senior Vice President at Qualia, leans on coaching techniques made possible with SalesLoft, resulting in a faster ramp up and increased productivity.

Scott and his team struggled to gather the data necessary to gain insights into performance and provide effective coaching to the sales team. Without this information, management faced the challenge of blindly identifying areas to focus their efforts.

The lack of insight into sales reps’ development needs resulted in a higher turnover rate and lower morale. Investing in the right suite of tools to help the team succeed and improve was critical. As Scott put it, “If I lose a couple of sales reps that are tenured, it might take me three, six, or eight months before I’ve recouped those lost team members.”

Enter the SalesLoft Solution

“Biggest benefit to using SalesLoft? Honestly, the coaching opportunities it provides.”

SalesLoft provided the platform necessary to achieve coaching objectives. The data SalesLoft provided allowed Scott and the sales leadership team to train reps in the areas they needed the most help. Employees want to stay with an organization that values their professional development and growth. SalesLoft’s platform supplied the information to help improve reps’ skill sets and achieve their goals.