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FireEye Scales Sales Success, Grows Pipeline 15% in Single Quarter

With SalesLoft, FireEye was able to uncover how top performers were achieving success and replicate it to elevate overall performance.


FireEye is a publicly-traded cybersecurity company providing hardware, software, and services to investigate cybersecurity attacks, protect against malicious software, and analyze IT security risks. The company simplifies cybersecurity for organizations while protecting them from threats. FireEye has over 7,900 customers across 103 countries, including more than 50 percent of the Forbes Global 2000.

To learn more about how the SalesLoft platform enhances their sales performance, we sat down with Christina Foley, Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Sales, and Tim Kealamakia, Senior ADR Manager of the Americas.

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In order to track lifecycle and analytics among account development reps (ADRs), FireEye’s marketing team began reevaluating the way reps planned their days and reached out to prospects. ADR productivity was declining due to tedious administrative tasks and lack of organization. They also struggled to develop a best practice around cybersecurity messaging that elicits responses.

Leadership knew they needed to find a way to improve the focus of ADRs and enable a better approach to lead follow up. When evaluating solutions, the following requirements were prioritized:

  • Eliminate manual processes of call logging and activity tracking
  • Execute a multi-touch strategy to reach prospects
  • Increase connections with potential buyers
  • Enhance ability to coach ADRs with a better understanding of outcomes
  • Flow activity seamlessly through integrations with existing technology

Enter SalesLoft

Having met the SalesLoft team at a recent event, the Fire Eye team decided to look into how the sales engagement platform could address their challenges with visibility into sales rep activity. FireEye’s Account Development Representatives (ADRs) are responsible for both mid-market and enterprise-level lead generation. Tim and his team recognized how much productivity time ADRs were losing because they lacked a clear understanding of what it takes to get responses in the world of cybersecurity.

SalesLoft gave FireEye the opportunity to improve lead follow up and ensure a consistent process across the team. Because SalesLoft auto-logs activities to FireEye’s CRM, they could gain the insights needed to understand the number of touches it takes to reach a qualified buyer. SalesLoft’s advanced analytics helped them make better, more data-based decisions. SalesLoft also gave leadership visibility into what top performers are doing so they could duplicate it and scale success.

“SalesLoft’s functionality supported our strategy by eliminating manual processes and enabling us to execute a consistent campaign.”

– Tim Kealamakia, Senior ADR Manager, Americas

Implementation & Adoption

FireEye’s tenured ADR team did question the idea of a new technology. However, once they saw the benefits, the choice was clear. “The data SalesLoft provides has allowed the job to change,” said Christina, further reinforcing SalesLoft’s value. “It has allowed FireEye to be smarter.”

The training materials provided by SalesLoft as part of the implementation process made it easy to onboard the entire cohort of new users. To this day, SalesLoft University videos are used to educate new hires about the platform. Additionally, internal team leaders have emerged as SalesLoft subject matter experts, helping onboard new users and troubleshoot with those whose performance is struggling. “It’s been great for team culture,” Tim says. In fact, FireEye has seen as much as a 30% decrease in ramp time of new hires.

“Leveraging internal champions aided the adoption process. Those early success stories combined with the metrics ADRs could leverage to be more efficient made the use case obvious.”

– Tim Kealamakia, Senior ADR Manager, Americas

SalesLoft’s cadences are simple for ADRs to create and help to organize daily tasks. Seeing the day’s activities laid out in SalesLoft makes it easier to stay on top of leads and track interactions. ADRs save valuable time in their day by working out of one platform.

Scaling Success

SalesLoft helped leadership uncover the most successful approaches and apply them at scale resulting in an increase in qualified leads. Being able to pinpoint the strategies and messaging top-performing ADRs use and share those cadences across the team to personalize and execute has elevated everyone’s performance. “The leadership team has better visibility into sales activities at the individual and regional levels,” Christina observed. “We were able to see what was resonating with our prospect base and what we needed to modify.”

“We learned early on how some of the top performers were finding success. Discovering that ADRs needing to make X amount of calls or use a specific email subject line allowed us to scale sales success.”

– Tim Kealamakia, Senior ADR Manager, Americas

The insights SalesLoft provides into sales rep activity enables managers to make more data-based decisions. The platform’s robust reporting and analytics fit into the types of questions the business was asking about how to reach prospects. “We love being able to win … and seeing it in Salesforce,” said Tim.

Adoption Across the Revenue Team

Seeing the success of the ADR team, others in the organization have adopted the platform. Today, field salespeople along with marketing and sales ops are leveraging SalesLoft across the entire revenue lifecycle.

The Account Executive team uses SalesLoft to build better processes and rigor into the day, allowing them to prospect more efficiently. Now, they have more time to work with customers and qualified buyers.

“We were able to create campaigns specific to buyer personas. That was a much-needed element in how we target security professionals interested in FireEye.”

– Christina Foley, Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Sales


“ADRs are able to do their jobs significantly faster. Our top performers no longer work in silos. You can see exactly what they’re doing in SalesLoft, which allows us to quickly share what’s working with the whole team.”

– Tim Kealamakia, Senior ADR Manager, Americas

After implementing SalesLoft, FireEye has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • As much as a 30% improvement in ramp time of new hires
  • Improved connect rates
  • Increase in qualified leads
  • 15% pipeline increase in Q1 of 2019
  • Ability to run proactively campaigns with a more targeted territorial focus
  • Increased responses to localized event invites and better results with follow up
  • Removal of silos with additional visibility into activities
  • Understanding of what top performers are doing to duplicate and scale success

According to Christina, “SalesLoft has helped us offer a consistent experience throughout the buying journey. We’re seeing more qualified leads and, as a result, having better meetings.”

“If we couldn’t use SalesLoft tomorrow, it would pretty much cripple us. I can’t imagine having any sort of team that doesn’t have SalesLoft.”

 – Tim Kealamakia, Senior ADR Manager, Americas

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