Case Study

Horizon Customer Story

If you’ve been in a busy school cafeteria during lunchtime at any point in the last 10 years, whether visiting your child’s school or going through the process yourself, you’ve seen Horizon software’s products in action. Those easy to use point of sale systems that allow the staff to move hundreds of hungry kids through the lunch line each day are powered by Horizon.


The Challenge

While the technology they are selling is state of the art, Horizon’s sales team was struggling to modernize their sales playbook. Like many sales teams, they struggled to leverage their CRMs effectively, they had difficulty maintaining a consistent process, and they had no metrics system to hold their sales reps accountable. As Inside Sales Manger Kevin Truex puts it:

“I knew we needed a solution. I needed something that would hold my team to a process.”

Horizon did exhaustive research into sales enablement platforms and found a few solutions that would meet their needs, including SalesLoft.

The Solution

Horizon conducted thorough research into the sales enablement market and identified a number of potential solutions. This left Horizon with a decision to make. They knew what features they needed, they knew it had to be easy to use, and they knew it needed to keep their sales team engaged. As they moved toward a decision, Horizon compared feature sets, usability, and pace of innovation side by side, and SalesLoft was the clear winner.

“I researched a couple other solutions, but honestly, I didn’t find anyone that came close.”

Today, Horizon uses SalesLoft to streamline and optimize their sales process. The team uses cadences to build and maintain their sales pipelines and they use personalization features to stand out from the competition and build relationships. They use reporting and analytics to keep the team accountable and identify the tactics that work best. They also use the platform to create a sense of friendly competition around key metrics that keeps the team motivated and engaged.

“Once we took a look at the functionality and what it presented for my team, the consensus was overwhelming.”


Increase in Sales in One Year

The Results

“Looking at our sales, we’re up 188% since we installed.”

Compared to the same point last year, Horizon has seen a 188% increase in their total sales since installing SalesLoft. In just one year with the SalesLoft platform, Horizon has been able to build their outbound sales process, grow and maintain a healthy sales pipeline, and close deals more effectively and reliably. After achieving all that, we’re thrilled to see what they can accomplish in another year’s time.