About Influitive

Today’s buyers are increasingly leveraging their peers’ opinions, and Influitive helps marketers tap into this force with its AdvocateHub platform and Maven mobile app. By capturing the enthusiasm of their best customers, followers and evangelists, marketers gain direct support for their sales and marketing programs. From social media reviews and customer referrals to case studies and references, passionate advocates help support all stages of the buying cycle. Influitive’s customers include some of the most successful and fastest-growing business-to-business software and technology firms in the world.

Multiple Influitive team members joined SalesLoft for Rainmaker 2016 because it was, in their eyes, according to outbound sales development manager Sarah Burke, “the first sales development conference of its kind.” They took some time from their busy schedules at the show to share their thoughts about SalesLoft and how it has helped their organization to grow their sales development function and overall better engage with prospects. Influitive refers to their sales development team as “Advocate Marketing Specialists,” identifying prospective customer pain and aiming to relieve it through modern consultative sales development.

The Challenge: Scaling Personalization in Inbound and Outbound Sales Development

Influitive is a rapidly growing company with distributed sales operations across the country. Managing the productive expansion of this team while preserving the quality of interactions with prospects was a challenge. SalesLoft initially helped with basic communication among team members, according to Scott Schachter, Advocate Marketing Specialist at Influitive:

One of the big things about SalesLoft was the ability for managers to monitor account prospecting activities and be able to provide guidance, notes and advice.

Tyler McIntosh, inbound sales development manager, spoke about the challenges of balancing the “mass touch” approach with personalization. “When distributing content, some of it works a bit better than others, so we’ve tried to keep it a balance between them.”

The Solution: Create Better Workflows and Simplify Communication

Beyond basic communication, Sarah was excited about aspects of SalesLoft that benefitted both their inbound and outbound sales development teams. When leads reached the inbound team, “we were really able to focus on the messaging in those campaigns. Why did the prospect decide to download this particular white paper?”

Tyler shared that it helped refine their messaging using a more scientific, A/B-testing approach. “SalesLoft’s cadence management tool helps you efficiently A/B test. It helps you see what works, and what doesn’t–then you move forward with the appropriate choice based on the data.”

For outbound, Influitive utilized SalesLoft to help usher their team toward a more efficient account-based sales development approach. According to Scott, it simplified each inbound rep’s workflow dramatically. “I don’t need to see all my leads. I just need to see who I need to call today, who I need to email today, and have a very actionable way to do it. What I find most valuable [about SalesLoft] is the ability to organize my day and prioritize my activity.”

The Results: Better Conversions, Better Coaching, Easier Onboarding

Influitive experienced positive results in many aspects of the sales development process, both in terms of team development and in-the-funnel metrics, according to Tyler.

First, the hard numbers: “Since we implemented SalesLoft, we’ve seen our conversion rates from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) double.”

Perhaps more importantly, SalesLoft has helped accelerate the professional development of sales development team members: “It makes it easier to dig into specific areas of each rep’s performance,” explained Tyler. “Being able to evaluate the performance of specific email templates and call scripts, for instance, has allowed us to have a better grasp on processes.”

Finally, Tyler explained that it’s a big help for new members of the team: “It’s been a huge help with onboarding, especially for new inbound reps. SalesLoft has helped us develop a structured schedule of outreach that helps simplify a role that can be overwhelming.”