Innovative Employee Benefits Platform Attributes Performance and Expansion Success to Close Working Relationship with SalesLoft

League has seen a 2X increase in appointments and more than doubled overall revenue growth. The new U.S. team grew their customer base 133% so far this year.

League helps companies of all sizes provide their employees with better, more competitive employee benefit solutions. The company’s mission is to change the way organizations think about benefits for their employees. They are viewed as innovators in helping employees live happier, healthier lives.

Like many industries, the employee benefits marketplace is a noisy one. Decision makers – typically the CFO, CEO, or HR leadership for an organization – are under constant attack from an infinite range of competing providers. To successfully position itself as the best choice for buyers, League has focused on building relationships for the long-term. They put their energy towards making a good first impression and demonstrating from the beginning that the company is different from other providers.

The Challenge

In order to reach and nurture these relationships at scale, League relies on its team to leverage the SalesLoft platform. A blend of personalization and automation activities are working to help the company convince organizations to move forward with League. The company is hitting its stride, expecting 300% growth in existing ARR this year and continued expansion of its U.S. presence. To achieve this, Director of Business Development, Steve Dinner, and his sales team first had to clear a few hurdles.

“SalesLoft’s message about rising above the noise and connecting with buyers with more authenticity and sincerity really resonates with us. We know all our targets aren’t ready to change their employee benefits programs today. If we make a good first impression and provide value for them over time, we’ll be the first company they think of when they do make a change.”

– Steve Dinner, Director of Business Development

Rising above the noise and establishing trust are challenging enough. On top of that, when Steve joined the company to launch its U.S. sales operation, he had no prior experience using its sales engagement platform, SalesLoft. Coming from an environment that lacked a formal sales engagement solution, he realized the pain of not having one. Moving into this new role, Steve was excited the team would be using the SalesLoft platform. First, he needed to address some areas of the sales model to optimize the team’s usage.