About MuleSoft

MuleSoft makes it easy to connect the world’s applications, data, and devices. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ enables companies to unlock the full potential of their applications and data through API-led connectivity, both on-premises and in the cloud.

In the rapidly evolving integration space, MuleSoft’s rapidly-growing Account Development organization utilizes SalesLoft to deliver “personalization at scale” in their market outreach efforts and respond to growing demand for MuleSoft’s integration platform.

We spoke with Steven Broudy, Senior Manager of Account Development, Americas, at MuleSoft. A former Army Ranger who completed five combat deployments (two to Iraq and three to Afghanistan), Steven was drawn to technology because he found that most high-growth startups value core foundational skills — not just experience.

Prior to MuleSoft, Steven led the sales development efforts of a highly-seeded, big data analytics startup, that was acquired by CornerstoneOnDemand. Following the acquisition, Steven landed at MuleSoft, attracted by the caliber of the team, and the company culture, particularly, MuleSoft’s focus on fostering a team of winners, who inspire each other to win.

The Challenge: Eliminating Menial Work

In an attempt to create a best-in-class sales development organization, Steven identified a common struggle for Account Development Reps – the challenge of staying focused while having a lot on their plate.

“Part of the exhilaration of being in a sales development role, especially at MuleSoft, where our Account Development Team has uncapped OTE (On-Target Earnings) with accelerators, is that every action you take presents the potential opportunity to make an impact on the company.

The downside of all that opportunity is that there’s always more to do. The challenges include being able to multi-task, prioritize and manage time effectively…

It’s easily one of the biggest challenges any sales development rep needs to surmount to be successful.”

Without the opportunity to focus on key priorities, an overwhelming workload can detract from a Rep’s ability to spend their time working on the most enjoyable and engaging aspects of being in sales. There’s a thrill in the chase – in conducting meaningful account research, and having highly-engaging conversations where you have the opportunity to teach prospects, connecting your product or services to the tangible business outcomes they’re looking to achieve.

From this challenge, a goal was born.

Our goal was to eliminate all the menial work associated with daily sales development tasks. We’ve built a team of A-players — we don’t want to squander the talent of the incredible team we’ve built doing trote, repetitive tasks. Instead, we wanted them to focus on creating opportunities that help drive business transformation for our prospects and customers.

The way we saw it, if we were going to achieve that goal, we needed to have our team conducting all of their prospecting activity within a ‘single pane of glass,’ in one, centralized platform.

The SalesLoft Solution: Fostering Focus

SalesLoft’s platform serves as the MuleSoft Account Development Team’s “single pane of glass.”

Using SalesLoft’s platform, we can not only craft cadences, creating highly personalized outreach, tailored to individual stakeholders in individual accounts. We can also call and connect with prospects in a single UI – SalesLoft.

SalesLoft allows the MuleSoft ADR team to focus not on menial work, but rather on personalizing their outreach. It helps keeps reps more focused, and makes their workflow much more manageable.

Prior to SalesLoft, the large volume (and growing number) of transformative initiatives driven in MuleSoft’s connectivity platform meant that personalization, at any scale, was difficult.

“We live in a time where mobility, cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things are driving a profound change for businesses and creating massive opportunities for innovation. MuleSoft’s mission of helping companies connect anything to everything, through API-led connectivity, implies that our reps need to engage with multiple stakeholder profiles across nearly every vertical.”

SalesLoft helped MuleSoft reps achieve the kind of opportunity-creation velocity that has helped them reach their rapidly-growing audience. With SalesLoft, no longer are they hindered by the overwhelming amount of different connectivity challenges in need of tailored messaging. Instead, SalesLoft’s platform gives the ability to deliver ‘personalization at scale’ on the outbound side, allowing them to keep up with rapid growth.

And that’s not the only challenge a company like MuleSoft faces. As Steven explains, “On the inbound side, we’re dealing with a growing demand for our services. That said, even if someone fills out a form, or requests you to respond to an RFP, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to have an easy time getting them on the phone, or reaching them via email.” By using Salesloft to ‘map out’ their engagements with prospects, reps can ensure that they’re able to respond to all inbound demand effectively.

Above all, SalesLoft empowers MuleSoft’s sales development team to focus on what’s most critical to consistently outperforming by teeing up meaningful conversations where reps are able to deliver excellence, above and beyond expectation, in each and every interaction.

The Results: More Connects, and a Happier Team

“We’re selling into senior-level IT executives. Often, this means the Chief Information Officer (CIO),” explained Steven. “These can be tough people to reach, and we have to deal with navigating complicated organizations.”


That means more conversations, more at-bats, and nearly twice as many opportunities to evangelize their ability to drive tangible business outcomes, and help companies rapidly transform.

Inspiring reps to be the best versions of themselves, and developing them as both professionals and future leaders, are Steven’s top priorities.

“What I value is being able to help foster and serve as a part of a happy, highly-engaged team. I want people to actually want to show up to work every Monday morning. Not everyone can say that they get excited about going to work. But the truth is, at work, everyone and everything we engage with, day in and day out, impacts our level of engagement, for better or for worse.”

A well-equipped Rep is better able to master the core expectations of a role. The sooner a level of expertise is achieved as a Sales Development Rep, the sooner they can open up white space. They can use that white space to focus on things beyond prospecting: innovating, gaining exposure to the broader business, and above all else, driving their own personal and professional development.

As Steven puts it, “By empowering reps to better use their time, SalesLoft’s platform gives them more bandwidth to focus on what matters most beyond performance – developing as both professionals and future leaders at MuleSoft.”

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