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SalesOptimize Increases Full-Cycle Rep Productivity 300%, Grows Revenue 250%

The small team of full cycle reps at SalesOptimize didn’t have enough time in the day to juggle responsibilities. Between prospecting, demos, follow-up on proposals, and contract negotiations, reps couldn’t gain traction and find the right opportunities, making it hard to succeed in their roles. With SalesLoft, SalesOptimize streamlined its sales workflow, decreasing administrative burden. Reps have increased their account load by 5x, helping SalesOptimize realise 250% revenue growth.

Who Is SalesOptimize?


Founded in 2015, Dublin-based SalesOptimize is a global leader in market sizing and competitor monitoring, using innovative technology to help companies dramatically increase their sales revenue. The company identifies its clients’​ entire market opportunity with a self-serve, lead generation platform, providing rich information about potential customers to help sales organisations win deals more effectively. SalesOptimize helps you turn your future customers into the most profitable ones. 

Challenge: Help Full-Cycle Reps Maximise Efficiency

Simon Drew SalesOptimizeSimon Drew, Sales Manager at SalesOptimize, was brought onto the team to scale the sales function. While settling into that role, he began auditing the sales process to learn the team’s challenges — the biggest of which was finding prospects and opportunities.

Given SalesOptimize’s products and services, the sales team had the luxury of having every company and all the contacts it wanted to target, but no efficient way to process them. Reps were also unable to handle a high volume of prospects. 

As a small startup, SalesOptimize needed to limit the amount of non-revenue generating roles. Simon couldn’t justify splitting the sales functions into sales development, business development, and account management positions. So, he elected to build a team of business development reps who would perform all sales functions, starting with a team of two.

To be successful in a 360-degree sales role in B2B is really hard. Full-cycle reps have to keep a lot of plates spinning, and it’s very easy to let a plate fall. – Simon Drew, Sales Manager at SalesOptimize

Every day, SalesOptimize reps needed to do net new prospecting, follow up on prospecting, complete demos, and follow up on proposals and negotiation calls. These reps’ days were crammed, and their existing workflow involved a lot of context switching, making it difficult to focus and get things done.

With a two-to-six month sales cycle, it was critical for reps to touch base with buyers regularly, and relying on a CRM to track these touchpoints made their jobs more challenging.

SalesOptimize reps were using a combination of Salesforce, Mailchimp, Yesware, a dialer, Outlook, LinkedIn, and other tools. Reps would pick the prospects that had viewed emails (sent via Mailchimp) over a certain amount of times and then load them into Salesforce. The workflow was manual, clunky, and inefficient. 

At a maximum, reps could manage between 150-200 accounts, which still felt like a stretch. They were only able to do between 50-70 activities per day. With so much to do, the sales team needed help streamlining its work to maximise efficiency and prioritise the next most-valuable actions.

Solution: Cadences Streamline Workflow, Helping Reps Focus on Buyers

Simon and his team were hungry for change. The search for a Sales Engagement solution was brief as the company appreciated SalesLoft’s user experience and Salesforce integration. By retiring other technologies and opting for one comprehensive solution, SalesOptimize was also saving 40% on their sales tech stack costs.The deal closed in 10 days.

SalesOptimize went live in early November and, as a Salesforce administrator, Simon did most of the implementation work himself. In December, he and the team worked on optimising the platform for their needs. 

The push to adopt a Sales Engagement solution was timely. In the new year, the company’s marketing budget went to zero as SalesOptimize moved to a full outbound model. In January, the team created its first automation rules in the platform.

With SalesLoft, our reps now have more time to focus on having good conversations, driving new demos, increasing customer engagement, and generating more revenue. – Simon Drew, Sales Manager at SalesOptimize

Using SalesLoft, SalesOptimize built prospecting cadences and templates for the company’s largest market — ecommerce payments and shipping — as well as other industries. With SalesLoft, SalesOptimize gained competitive advantage by improving its ability to segment its market and deliver tailored content.

The SalesLoft features reps use most are cadences and automation rules, sales email, and the dialer. The Hot Leads Workflow helps reps quickly follow up with prospects while they’re interacting with email. SalesOptimize also appreciates the Vidyard integration because it helps them humanise email with a short video message to reach more customers. These tactics combined have increased their reps’ effectiveness.

SalesLoft has also helped Simon and his team collaborate better. Building new templates is a group effort, owned by the reps, and perfecting the sales process has created several mini projects that unite the sales team.

With SalesLoft, SalesOptimize has streamlined its sales workflow and decreased its administrative burden. 

Results: Full Cycle Reps 5x Accounts Managed, Grow Revenue

What started as a sales team of two has grown to a team of eight. Prior to SalesLoft, it felt like there was no way for SalesOptimize reps to be successful, aside from working an 18-hour day. Now reps are actually thriving in this 360-degree role. 

Activities are up across the board. Before the implementation, reps handled anywhere from 1,000 to 1,400 activities a month. Now everyone is executing between 3,400 to 4,900 activities each month, a more than 300% productivity increase. 

Email effectiveness has seen a boost too. Open rates are anywhere from 17-25%, and Simon says this wouldn’t have been possible without SalesLoft. Conversion rates have improved, thanks in large part to the hot leads workflow the team uses. Reps’ call conversations are more effective too. 

SalesLoft is allowing SalesOptimize reps to do more. Each rep is now effectively managing and staying in touch with 800 to 1,000 accounts, a 5x increase over their previous capabilities.

Since implementing SalesLoft, SalesOptimize has realised 250% year-on-year revenue growth. The company is also planning to double sales headcount in the next year.

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