About Sigstr

Sigstr, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is pioneering new ways to engage with customers. Operating at the intersection of people, communication and technology, Sigstr helps their clients maximize the impact of every single email sent. Sigstr’s technology helps marketers manage employee email signatures and marketing campaigns at scale, all while providing real-time analytics.

With Sigstr’s focus on generating only the most quality interactions from email, they chose SalesLoft to better improve quality of communication and response when emailing their own prospects. We spoke with Dan Hanrahan, chief executive officer of Sigstr about why he began his search for a prospecting tool: “The added productivity was something we were looking for, but the most important thing for me was learning what works.”

The Challenge: Creating Personalized, Helpful, Relevant Messages at Scale

Given Sigstr’s product mission and business, it’s natural that Dan would be very concerned about the quality of every email sent to every prospect: “Everybody at Sigstr is a marketer. Every single message a sales development rep (SDR) sends represents your brand. We need to find someone that can get to the right person, and we need to send a meaningful message that truly elevates the brand.”

For Dan, uninformed mass emailing is the worst possible avenue that Sigstr could take:

“If the message isn’t personalized, helpful and relevant, we risk making a bad first impression with the Sigstr brand”.


The Solution: Keep SDRs Focused, Maximize Their Time and Effort

Bailey Roberts joined Sigstr out of college as a first-time SDR and is now working in marketing, and she explained how SalesLoft simplified the sales development process. “For people like me that were doing it for the first time, it broke it down and made it more simple, less scary.”

For Bailey, implementation was simple and training was light and without hassle:

“My first day at Sigstr, I was up and running with SalesLoft. Now I have a lot of experience with it, and train our SDR team members.”

Dan appreciated how it helped SDRs stay on track in a job that is very task-heavy with objections, distractions and follow-ups. “It takes a lot of work to find the right person. Then when you find them and craft that perfect email, it turns out they’re on vacation. With SalesLoft, you still have those people in a cadence so you can more easily manage follow ups and gauge the quality of each interaction. Being an SDR, you’re often ‘on to the next thing,’ and SalesLoft provides tracking in a way that is most meaningful for you.”

The Results: Decreased Number of Sends Per Outcome

The number one metric Dan pointed to for gauging the success of using SalesLoft was simple: the number of emails it takes to generate an outcome, such as a demo scheduled.

“Isolating what messages generate outcomes helps us identify the messages most applicable to our prospects,” Dan explained. “SalesLoft helps us better understand what content is resonating with people, what cadence generates the most response.”

After implementing SalesLoft, Dan measured a clear decrease in the number of emails sent per outcome generated: “We went from 20 emails per demo to 10 emails per demo. It’s made our communications with prospects more important and meaningful. Even if it takes a little bit longer to write that message sometimes, it’s well worth the effort.”