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Smartsheet’s Accelerated Activity Leads to Increased Opportunities

Leading Cloud-Based Platform, Smartsheet, Accelerates as an Organization Using SalesLoft

Garret Moniz, Director of Sales Development and New Accounts, cut SDR and SMB manager ramp time in half using SalesLoft. The result? 40% more activities completed and a 10% increase in opportunities created.

The definition of success for the Boston Smartsheet SDR and SMB teams led by Garret Moniz is prescribed by the company’s three pillars:

  1. Accelerate lead and pipeline generation
  2. Align with both internal and external customer needs
  3. Commit to personal and professional growth

“The better we are as an organization, from a sales acumen standpoint, the better we can serve the organization later when those folks are promoted into new roles. SalesLoft plays a big part in each of those.”

Pipeline generation and the achievement of sales success proved a difficult task for Smartsheet prior to implementing SalesLoft. A consistent process needed to be in place to track the number of activities and opportunities created. Absent that, Garret could not effectively generate pipeline. Acceleration struggled as a result. Lack of insight into data impeded sales leadership from making informed decisions about improvement options.

The inconsistent processes negatively impacted lead generation and pipeline management. Sharing of best practices didn’t occur. Messaging to customers wasn’t aligned. The incongruence resulted in duplicate engagements with prospects and poor internal communication. The disarray also encroached on managers’ ability to coach new hires and decrease ramp time. Personalization at scale was the goal. However, in the current state, the challenge seemed akin to scaling Mount Everest.

Garret knew he needed to improve visibility and communication across departments. He sought a solution that would help align the sales organization with Smartsheet’s pillars for success. The desired outcome was to create a consistent process that tracked activities using measurable data and to decrease ramp time for new reps. This way, leadership could make well-informed decisions about focusing coaching activities and implementing best practices.

The SalesLoft Solution

“[SalesLoft] is the leader in terms of content. You’ve got great suggestions and recommendations on the website. It’s not just about how to leverage SalesLoft, but sales acumen overall.”

Smartsheet was able to leverage the SalesLoft solution in a variety of ways. With best practices, they scaled performance across their teams. Performance data helped managers cut ramp time in half and coach reps more effectively. Personalization tools like Snippet created a straightforward path to a better buying experience. Lastly, data confidence enabled automation of the sales process.

Best Practices

With the right sales engagement platform in place, Garret and his team were able to implement a strategy that helped salespeople follow up on leads more efficiently. The ability to track data enabled leadership to make informed decisions about what email templates were performing best, for example. They were able to share the most successful cadences across the sales teams as best practice examples. The return on investment was evident almost immediately.

“It was in the first 30 days we saw a 40% increase in the number of activities completed by both SDRs and reps. As a result, we saw a 10% increase in the number of opportunities created.”

The SalesLoft platform had the added benefit of encouraging teamwork and boosting morale. Teams could now “share cadences, pass along the top emails, recognize people that are doing good things, and be able to amplify that amongst teams.”

Ramp Time

Time to productivity for new reps improved as well. The sales managers’ ability to accurately analyze performance data enabled them to focus and strengthen coaching techniques. Ramp time drastically decreased from 4-5 months to just two months.

“SDRs are now fully productive in two months.”

With ramp time cut in half, Garret was able to grow his team. Since implementing SalesLoft, it has doubled it in size. Sales managers can now provide best practice cadences to new hires on day one. Sales reps can easily reference top performing cadences, ensuring external messaging is done with a consistent voice.

Personalization Made Easy

The Snippets feature was especially popular by Smartsheet’s account executives. SalesLoft Snippets allowed them to easily insert dynamic, small pieces of content to personalize emails at scale. Having the feature in their toolkit enabled account executives to have more meaningful interactions with prospects along every touch point.

“Snippets are probably the best things that have ever happened to us. [They were] the missing piece. Now we could get super personalized – we could really make every interaction relevant to our prospects.”

Snippets provided a scalable, repeatable way to implement personalization across the sales organization. It helped to align internal messaging with the external communication, leading to a better customer experience. This elevated experience allows prospects to feel heard, and positions account executives as business partners.

Data Confidence

Confidence in their data led to improved automation of the sales process. The ability to automatically sync data with Salesforce based on conversations and activity to date allows the team to A/B test. The result is a workflow that’s proven to be successful.

As Garret put it, “Data was automatically inputted in terms of what was said, the dispositions, and the added a layer on top of that was automation.” The result? The team was able to spend less time updating internal information and focus their effort on having meaningful conversations with prospects.

“What really pushed us over the edge, honestly, was the Salesforce piece.”

There are a plethora of sales tools on the market. Finding solutions that work best for your team and addresses the organization’s specific concerns can be tricky. For Garret, it was essential that the solution be capable of providing a way to templatize a process and syncing in real-time with their CRM, Salesforce.

“We looked at other tools. One of our big requirements was that we needed the ability for our reps to work out of Salesforce because of how important it is to our business. SalesLoft took the cake in terms of the best tool to do that.”

The Result

SalesLoft’s capabilities as a sales engagement platform allowed Garret and his team to achieve sales success in alignment with Smartsheet’s pillars. Pipeline generation increased, lead acceleration improved, and ramp time for new sales reps decreased. Personal and professional growth was also enhanced. Sellers gained confidence early on, which contributed to a high performing sales team.

Personalization at scale became a reality for Smartsheet. Having visibility into what is working – and the ability quickly address what isn’t – resulted cadences that positively impacted the success of the organization.

“SalesLoft is absolutely a critical component of our sales motion on the sales development and the new accounts side. That has such a far-reaching impact on not only our sales teams but on our customers – the ability for us to give a good white-glove level of service… to our customers and prospects.” – Garret Moniz, Smartsheet

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