Triblio Creates a Better Buying Experience and Increases Conversion Rates

Average order size increased by 45% when Triblio’s CSO implemented SalesLoft to enhance sales engagement and data tracking.

Triblio, an account based marketing engagement platform, helps marketing and sales teams activate and score their accounts, and trigger a sale closer to the point of interest. These three goals are essential to the success of go-to-market teams. Success relies strongly on Shawn Cook, Chief Sales Officer for Triblio, and his ability to coach his team on data proven cadences to personalize at scale. His goal is to create a better buying experience for the customer.

Coaching teams to be competitive and effectively move tiered leads through a pipeline is challenging. Today’s buyer is more informed than ever before. Sellers need to differentiate themselves from the competition by using a data-driven approach and addressing specific needs with tailored content. Shawn summarized the situation perfectly, “If you don’t have data, if you don’t have insight, then hope is your strategy… and hope is not a strategy.”