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Triblio’s Better Buying Experience Increases Conversion Rates

Triblio Creates a Better Buying Experience and Increases Conversion Rates

Average order size increased by 45% when Triblio’s CSO implemented SalesLoft to enhance sales engagement and data tracking.

Triblio, an account based marketing engagement platform, helps marketing and sales teams activate and score their accounts, and trigger a sale closer to the point of interest. These three goals are essential to the success of go-to-market teams. Success relies strongly on Shawn Cook, Chief Sales Officer for Triblio, and his ability to coach his team on data proven cadences to personalize at scale. His goal is to create a better buying experience for the customer.

Coaching teams to be competitive and effectively move tiered leads through a pipeline is challenging. Today’s buyer is more informed than ever before. Sellers need to differentiate themselves from the competition by using a data-driven approach and addressing specific needs with tailored content. Shawn summarized the situation perfectly, “If you don’t have data, if you don’t have insight, then hope is your strategy… and hope is not a strategy.”

“If you don’t have data, if you don’t have insight, then hope is your strategy… and hope is not a strategy.”


By creating a personalized experience, reps become a trusted advisor rather than a pushy salesperson. As the saying goes, “people don’t just buy products, they buy better versions of themselves.” A demo or business briefing won’t achieve that vision. It’s developed through the relationship between the rep and prospect. The sales rep’s job is to identify pain points and demonstrate how their solution can alleviate challenges and achieve goals.

How do we know this? It all starts and ends with the data.

Enter SalesLoft

Triblio faced many challenges centered around the lack of data available to sales reps. Inadequate data lead to lost deals, breaks in communication, and quality leads falling through the cracks. Reps didn’t know where to spend their time. These challenges compounded to create highly competitive situations for the SDR and BDR reps.

“For me, that’s where SalesLoft really helps – taking our communication plan and actually putting data around it… that tells me that we are moving in the right direction.”

Personalization at Scale

Triblio addressed a couple of challenges by personalizing the customer experience using the SalesLoft platform. Relying on website engagement and content as an indicator of consumer interest is no longer enough. Sales reps need to stand out from the competition by providing an excellent sales experience. Personalized content is imperative when addressing the needs and pain points of a more informed buyer.

With reliable data, sales reps focused their efforts on qualified prospects. Providing personalized content demonstrated a willingness to solve the customer’s needs rather than just selling them a product. One rep increased his average order size by 45%. He did this by incorporating what Shawn coins as “compelevant” materials paired with an emphasis on staying present during the sales cycle.

“A lot of that I can attribute to [is] his ability to be present and not just here.”

Become Trusted Advisors

Buyers understand the number of solutions on the market, so coaching reps to build valuable relationships with a buyer up front is essential. “What [the customer] buys is how they imagine it will make them feel. That means that we need to train our SDRs on the personas, on the roles, on the pains, on the problems, on the situations that a buyer that they’re talking to is going through.”

SalesLoft provided data insights that allowed reps to understand a customer’s challenges before picking up the phone. The data enabled the creation of a customized, personal buying experience with content tailored to address specific needs.

Improved Time Management

Sales reps understand that time is money. When they focus efforts on unqualified leads, they do so at the expense of more promising opportunities. With the right data in place, the SDR team was able to focus their efforts where it mattered.

“A personalized experience is going to outperform a generic experience every single time. What I love about SalesLoft is that it gives us the ability to personalize at scale.”

“The mark of a high performing team is that they know where to spend their time. Where we spend our time is data-driven.”


The shift in conversion rate was obvious. Shawn and his team saw “a great increase in our conversion rate from stage to stage.” Training reps to identify the various buyer personas so they could better pinpoint pain points and problems the customer faced was crucial to success. A data-driven approach made this possible.

“When the score is high on [an] account, they don’t have a problem picking up the phone and calling that person because they have a level of confidence that’s based on data.”

The Final Result

With the SalesLoft engagement platform, Shawn and his team were able to provide the type of personalized customer experience at scale that made each customer feel valued. Reps confidently picked up the phone because they had qualified leads, and robust data provided insight into how reps should focus their time and effort. These results combined to create a decrease in turnover, and an increase in conversion rates. The move from a competing product to SalesLoft’s platform “was really about making it so that we could be more than relevant.”

“For me, that’s where SalesLoft really helps – taking our communication plan and actually putting data around it… that tells me that we are moving in the right direction.” – Shawn Cook, Triblio


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