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Uberflip Aligns Sales and Marketing, Launches Award-Winning Campaign

Using SalesLoft + Sendoso, Uberflip Accelerates and Scales Account-Based Marketing Performance

Uberflip launched an award-winning campaign, generating more than 3000% ROI on pipeline value and a 450% return on closed revenue, to date.

Uberflip helps B2B marketers create, manage and optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey – no IT required. The company uses an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to help attract and convert target accounts into pipeline and revenue.

Heidi Vandermeer leads the company’s ABM programs. She is supported by three colleagues on the demand generation team within their 19-person marketing department.

Uberflip’s sales team has used SalesLoft’s sales engagement platform for several years. However, they only started using the platform to align ABM marketing and sales efforts within the past year. The marketing team uses SalesLoft to streamline sales followup in ABM prospecting campaigns, while closely collaborating on messaging with sales.

Over the past year, Uberflip has enjoyed additional success using Sendoso to streamline incentive fulfillment across marketing and sales programs. By incorporating Sendoso into its marketing and sales workflow with SalesLoft, Uberflip makes it easier for reps to follow-up on direct mail with prospects, and execute cross-functional ABM campaigns with sales. It has also greatly reduced the administrative burden and time associated with these activities for reps.

Using a coordinated approach between multiple channels across both sales and marketing, Uberflip is making a much stronger first impression with future customers. The team regularly receives positive feedback from prospects who are impressed by how sales and marketing work together.

The Challenge

The company had been using digital marketing to support ABM efforts for some time. Uberflip decided to add direct mail as a component of its integrated ABM marketing programs about a year ago. Prior to utilizing SalesLoft and Sendoso to support its ABM efforts, Uberflip’s direct mail programs were more marketing-driven. As a result, they often felt disconnected from sales efforts.

For example, the team would put together a prospect mailing list, execute a campaign, and invest marketing resources to ensure reps were following up on responses from the campaign. The effort was inefficient and disjointed.

“Many marketers avoid traditional direct mail, believing it’s an outdated channel. At Uberflip, we see direct mail as a way for us to deliver a very physical experience for customers to complement and reinforce our digital experiences. By integrating direct mail efforts with our existing digital efforts, we are getting a much stronger response rate from prospects and generating a ton of positive energy across the sales cycle. It’s providing our prospects with a tactile and visceral experience that is effective.” – Heidi Vandermeer, Account Based Marketing Manager

Enter SalesLoft + Sendoso

Working Together to Help Uberflip Succeed

To more effectively manage its direct mail programs and align marketing and sales efforts, Uberflip’s marketing team expanded its use of SalesLoft. They utilized the platform’s Sendoso integration into the process as its solution for direct mail automation.

With this integrated process in place, Uberflip is better able to deliver direct mail experiences for both personas (target groups) and one-to-one prospects. The marketing and sales teams also benefit from being able to better track delivery and follow-up efforts. A more unified approach ensures messaging is aligned and consistent across the buyer’s journey.

Uberflip has seen significant response rate improvements since integrating direct mail into its multi-channel marketing efforts using SalesLoft and Sendoso.

“Prospects love the experience of receiving something physical in the mail. It feels like a gift to them – especially when it’s a relevant and well-timed mailing. When this happens, prospects are more willing to participate in the sales process and respond to our prospecting efforts.”

– Heidi Vandermeer, Account Based Marketing Manager

Marketing + Sales As Partners

This effort has created a natural opportunity for the marketing and sales teams to work more closely around campaign and message development. Marketing has been able to take on more of the workload for sales, helping them to focus on higher-priority sales tasks.

Beyond leveraging SalesLoft & Sendoso together, the marketing and sales teams meet each month to align their ABM campaigns and programs. Marketing also uses the time to provide the sales team with updates on ongoing performance.

Lastly, Uberflip sees success using SalesLoft and Sendoso to help Account Executives build stronger relationships with prospects. The platform integration provides them with easy gifting options to help them progress deals.

“We simply wouldn’t have been this successful without the help of SalesLoft and Sendoso.”

– Heidi Vandermeer, Account Based Marketing Manager

The Results

Above all other results, SalesLoft and Sendoso have helped reduce the workload for Uberflip’s team, cutting the time it takes to execute direct mail campaigns in half.

One example of this success is Uberflip’s ‘Launch Kit’ program, where the team leverages SalesLoft and Sendoso to automate new customer onboarding efforts. When a prospect converts, the customer marketing team activates the Launch Kit program, a welcome kit that is fulfilled by Sendoso on-the-fly.

“Our Customer Marketing Launch Kit has been very effective. Sending a small welcome package on behalf of our team after the prospect converts really helps to get the relationship started on the best terms.” – Heidi Vandermeer, Account Based Marketing Manager

Even more impressive: one of the campaigns that Uberflip ran using Sendoso and SalesLoft earned Heidi the 2018 ABMie for Best ABM Campaign at Scale at FlipMyFunnel’s annual awards event in August. The campaign involved selecting a list of prospects from 3 key personas at targeted accounts and sending them a “hot pink” box with a demo offer using Sendoso. Heidi was able to coordinate sales follow up with SalesLoft, while also running ads and digital content-based campaigns on the marketing side.

Uberflip’s marketing and sales teams had a multi-channel campaign that:

  • Aligned marketing and sales messaging
  • Integrated content marketing, demand generation, and ABM
  • Ran at scale for 500 accounts.

At the conclusion of the campaign, Uberflip generated 60 meetings and 40 net new opportunities. This translated to more than 3000% ROI on pipeline value and a 450% return on closed revenue, to date.

“The campaign helped marketing and sales generate a ton of engagement across our most important target accounts. It was a great success and example of how marketing and sales can accomplish much stronger results by working more closely together. More importantly, our prospects loved the promotion and think highly of Uberflip, which will continue to pay dividends for us in quarters to follow.”

– Heidi Vandermeer, Account Based Marketing Manager

Marketing and sales alignment isn’t easy. Sales has to trust marketing, and vice-versa. Time Uberflip’s marketing team invests in collaborating with sales goes a long way towards building their relationship.

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