Using SalesLoft + Sendoso, Uberflip Accelerates and Scales Account-Based Marketing Performance

Uberflip launched an award-winning campaign, generating more than 3000% ROI on pipeline value and a 450% return on closed revenue, to date.

Uberflip helps B2B marketers create, manage and optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey – no IT required. The company uses an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to help attract and convert target accounts into pipeline and revenue.

Heidi Vandermeer leads the company’s ABM programs. She is supported by three colleagues on the demand generation team within their 19-person marketing department.

Uberflip’s sales team has used SalesLoft’s sales engagement platform for several years. However, they only started using the platform to align ABM marketing and sales efforts within the past year. The marketing team uses SalesLoft to streamline sales followup in ABM prospecting campaigns, while closely collaborating on messaging with sales.

Over the past year, Uberflip has enjoyed additional success using Sendoso to streamline incentive fulfillment across marketing and sales programs. By incorporating Sendoso into its marketing and sales workflow with SalesLoft, Uberflip makes it easier for reps to follow-up on direct mail with prospects, and execute cross-functional ABM campaigns with sales. It has also greatly reduced the administrative burden and time associated with these activities for reps.

Using a coordinated approach between multiple channels across both sales and marketing, Uberflip is making a much stronger first impression with future customers. The team regularly receives positive feedback from prospects who are impressed by how sales and marketing work together.