There’s a big difference between having the right tools, and leveraging them effectively.

SalesLoft was designed to solve a number of modern sales email problems. It allows sales reps to follow specific playbooks and communication for hundreds of prospects at a time without ever missing a beat, and it helps sales teams stay efficient and effective, sending hundreds of personalized emails a day, not a handful. This functionality can massively improve the daily performance of a sales team, but only if it is setup and used effectively.

This document was designed to answer those questions and provide a flexible framework for you to start using SalesLoft the right way. Those questions include:

  • How many touches should my cadence have?
  • What touch patterns should my cadence have?
  • What are typical performance benchmarks?
  • What’s an average close rate for SDR sourced leads?
  • What’s an example of an effective cadence?


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