June 28, 2018 | 1 min. read

Best Practices of Top Performing Sales Reps

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What are top performers in a sales organization doing to set themselves apart? How can we replicate those behaviors to elevate average performers?

Sales reps make choices every day that have a material effect on an organization’s ability to meet revenue objectives. The purpose of this research (provided by TOPO) on the Best Practices of Top Performing Sales Reps was to discover what sets top-performing sales reps apart from average sales reps.

It’s not that successful reps aren’t managing their time. They’re just not managing it in the way leaders are trying to enforce. Achieving success as a sales organization could be as simple as learning how reps like to work. 

Through this research, we wanted to understand how sales reps prioritize their time, what tools they use, and which behaviors distinguish top performers from average performers. We uncovered the daily habits and tools that sales reps leverage to get their jobs done.

As you’ll find in the report, there is good news – closing the gap between top and average performers isn’t unattainable!

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