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March 17, 2021 | 10 min. read

State of Revenue Alignment: A Survey Among Modern Sales Pros

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Article Highlights

  1. Revenue team alignment (Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success) is still a pain for many organizations, particularly smaller to mid-sized companies that maintain smaller Marketing teams.
  2. Mis-alignment has a direct, negative impact on productivity and, ultimately, revenue growth.
  3. Sales leaders want more transparency from their Marketing counterparts, particularly in research and collaboration.

SalesLoft partnered with Modern Sales Pros (MSP) to survey revenue teams about their perception of their marketing peers. Of those surveyed, 70% identified as Sales leaders while roughly 19% identified as operations. The remaining 11% identified as Customer Success. Over 50% of those respondents reported an average deal size of over 10K.

State of Revenue Alignment Survey Respondents

What’s Inside in the Report:

  • How Marketing’s success is being measured
  • What marketing collateral delivers the most value
  • What Sales and Customer Success teams want more of from the Marketing peers
  • Actions to build trust across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

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