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Best Practices of Top-Performing Sellers: Habits to Help You Exceed Your Goals

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December 3, 2020

Remember the yellow pages? It’s hard to imagine that reps once relied on this for prospecting. The ‘80s called — they want their sales strategy back!

We laugh now, but when it comes to revenue strategies, too many sales organizations are stuck in a time capsule. They’ve simply replaced the phone book with haphazard, often undocumented, processes, and short-term fixes. And both buyers and sellers everywhere deserve better. 

Sellers are hungry for concrete guidance and long-term solutions to generate more pipeline, close more deals, and progress their career to the next level. Buyers need reps who listen first, meet them where they are, and provide value.

“According to Dan Swift, CEO of Empire Selling, ‘Today’s buyers and influencers don’t care how your internal organization is structured or what type of seller is assigned to their account.’…informed and self-sufficient business buyers expect all members of the revenue team to bring value, continuity, and relevancy to every interaction.”
–  Forrester Research, The Democratization Of B2B Sales, August 2020

What are your biggest sales pains? Connecting with buyers, pipeline building, process, predictability, hiring, attrition? All of the above?

Though these challenges can be painful, none of them represent the real problem. They’re all just symptoms of poor execution

To understand how to overcome this, Salesloft partnered with TOPO to evaluate what sets top performers apart and how to replicate that success across the entire revenue organization through a common set of sales fundamentals. 

What’s Inside This eBook

In this eBook, we share the biggest sales challenges we found, the best practices of top performing sales reps, and what that means for your sales organization. 

Our survey found that sales reps only spend half of their time on “core” selling activities, such as preparing for and interacting with prospects. The rest of their time is focused on other “non-selling” activities such as administrative tasks, which erodes a rep’s ability to be successful. Learn how you can free up that time and unlock productivity for your team.


How Sales Reps Spend Their Time