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Adjusting to Positive Shocks with Chris Turley

January 7, 2021

When the world turned upside-down, some companies — like Zoom and Slack — benefited, but such a positive shock requires serious adjustment just like a negative one. Ask Chris Turley, Senior Director of Sales Operations at, who had to help his team adjust after WFH increased the relevancy of his company.

In a dynamic conversation, Chris lets Jeremey in on how he helped his BDRs deal with quota adjustments, and also includes some tips on easing tool adoption and training your own boss.

The number one thing is making sure that the culture of the sales reps knows that…if something does go out of whack – say a pandemic – that the company is going to still look and make decisions with a focus of what’s in your best interest for your best sellers.
-Chris Turley

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