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Amplify and Execute Your Go-to-Market Strategy with Andy Mowat

October 1, 2020

Andy Mowat is VP of Growth Marketing & GTM Operations at Culture Amp, a platform that helps companies collect, understand, and act on employee feedback. In this episode, Andy and Jeremey talk about building a go-to-market team that ties together all of the functions within your company.

Listen in as they discuss hiring best practices, keeping operations teams nimble, getting your hands dirty as a leader, going from one product to a multi-product solution, and more.

There is a flip side danger, which is ops just becomes this just like monstrous beast, that slows things down. So I think a large part of what I am focused on is how does ops become nimble? Um, you know, you don’t have to throw a ton of resources at it and how does it, how does it live the value of kind of the amplify and execute.
-Andy Mowat

Listen below to the entire podcast episode or on Apple Podcasts here.

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