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Boosting Efficiency and Effectiveness with Julia Segel {Hey Salespeople Podcast}

May 12, 2020

By her own account, Julia Segel, Senior Director of Sales Strategy & Operations at Catalant Technologies, gets heartburn when she can’t concisely explain what “good” looks like for a company. Fortunately, her years spent using data to optimize efficient sales inputs and effective sales outputs have given her the toolset to identify what “good” is — and then make it better.

Listen to Julia and Jeremey parse through the pros and cons of ruthless prioritization, how to start transferring the top-seller productivity to the rest of the company, and the importance of selling Scholastic wrapping paper.

I have been thinking a lot about sales productivity in terms of two vectors. One I think about as “efficiency.” So I think of that as like the inputs to the process: “How do I make better use of time or capacity or tools?” And then, “effectiveness” is more of an output: “How do I make sure a seller can run a more productive discovery call, etc?” The challenge in thinking about sales productivity is that my team, at least, zeroes in on the former, on efficiency. And it’s actually I think personally, much more powerful to get the effectiveness right, but that’s a lot murkier.
-Julia Segel

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