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Data-Driven Sales with Chris Dorsey

January 21, 2021

Chris Dorsey is Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Boomtown!, a company that helps organizations orchestrate effortless customer experiences. In this episode, learn about Chris’ take on customer experience, account-based marketing, what it’s like to go from finance to sales, and how his data and coding background benefited his sales career. Jess Klek, SVP of Sales Verticals & Financial Services at Salesloft, joins as guest host.

Chris, Jess, and Jeremey talk about growing product knowledge models, Chris’ innate entrepreneurial spirit, his thoughts on the intersection of salespeople and coding, and why data literacy is something all salespeople should cultivate.

I hated that my work ended when I thought the fun part would begin…We learned all these things about their business and then I went onto the next deal and I was like, “But there’s all this work to be done and we have these great ideas and strategy. How do we implement that? How do we get it done? How do we actually build value versus…just recognizing value [in finance]?” And I really wanted to go do that because those are the people I really respected.
-Chris Dorsey

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