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Diversity and Development with Ernest Owusu

March 23, 2021

Ernest Owusu is Sr. Director of Sales Development at 6Sense, an Account Engagement Platform that shows companies where their customers are in the buying journey and when it’s time to engage. In this episode, Ernest and Jeremey “geek out” (Jeremey’s words) on “all things sales development.” Shaundai Person, Junior UI Engineer at Salesloft, joins as guest host.

Ernest, Shaundai, and Jeremey also have a frank discussion about diversity in tech and the experience of being a Black person in sales, and what can be done to change implicit biases.

Being a black person in tech, where there is a diversity problem, where most organizations don’t have very many ‘others,’ if you want to say, I’ve very much stuck to the fact that I’m not going to change who I am or pivot in a way where I’m not comfortable. So if there was a situation where my emails just weren’t landing, and it was because everyone thought I was scamming them, I would find a way to just keep either marching down that path or going in a direction that would find the success that I needed. But, I wouldn’t change my name or do anything different because that’s not something I’m comfortable with.
-Ernest Owusu

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