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Enabling Sellers Through Impactful Leadership with George Mogannam

December 10, 2020

George Mogannam is Chief Revenue Officer at SnapLogic, an intelligent integration platform that helps interconnect data and applications to get business value. In this episode, learn about George’s take on building a culture of accountability and why first-line managers have the most important role in a sales organization. Jess Klek, SVP of Sales Verticals & Financial Services at Salesloft, joins as guest host.

George, Jess, and Jeremey talk about how innate intellectual curiosity makes a great salesperson, the three reasons sales reps fail, and what he trains managers to look for when hiring new reps. George also discusses how to manage your day as a successful salesperson as opposed to being managed by your inbox, plus measuring enablement while everyone is working from home.

You know, I always tell my managers don’t report on the business, impact the business. If I’m going through a forecast call with one of my managers […] and they have to flip through their notes to give me the answer to the question I just asked, I get very concerned because they’re just reporting. They’re getting their information from the rep. If you’re impacting the business, you should be involved in that deal.
-George Mogannam

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