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Engaging BDRs and SDRs with Greg Nigro {Hey Salespeople Podcast}

May 14, 2020

For SDRs, dial hangover is definitely a thing. That’s why Greg Nigro, Director of Business Development at Blackbaud, has spent the past couple of years honing strategies to cure dial hangover by keeping SDRs feeling engaged and on-task.

While chatting with Jeremey, Greg provides insight into why sharing company stats empowers SDRs to make more sales and why waiting to promote SDRs leads to more success.

Time-in-seat as a BDR is incredibly important as you take that next step into an AE role. It’s something we’ve actually been doing a lot of studying on and working internally here with our sales enablement team, our HR team, our different sales managers, to kind of crack that a little bit more to make sure that we’re preparing SDRs and BRS to move into that next role when they’re ready. It’s not just to help the company. It’s also to help the BDR and their overall career. If we let them go early, right, or if they do move to a different company to become an AE simply for the title or for this shadow OTE (on-target earnings), there is a potential that we’re doing them a disservice.
-Greg Nigro

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