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Focusing on People with Steve Fitz

December 15, 2020

Steve Fitz is CRO at Sumo Logic, a company that enables organizations of all sizes to address the data challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, modern applications, and cloud computing. In this episode, learn about what challenge he’s most focused on and how sales will always be a “people” business.

Steve and Jeremey also talk about red and green flags in hiring, building a revenue strategy to sustain growth, and how his team has revamped since shifting to work from home. Steve also discusses developing a channel strategy and how he sees sales evolving over the next decade.

I think people, at the end of the day, buy from people. It’s relationship-driven, it’s trust. That’s been tougher to do in terms of this remote world that we’ve been put in the last six months or so, but I still think [sales] is a people business and I don’t see that changing.
-Steve Fitz

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