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Game-Changing Adjustments for Selling during the Pandemic with Nadia Rashid

July 10, 2020

Even as the economy begins to recover, sales orgs are still constantly modifying how to manage their customer bases. Everyone’s still in “survival mode,” and Nadia Rashid from Seismic believes that the key to any sales org’s success is positioning their company as a long-term partner to prospects and existing clients.

This approach led her, as VP of East-Enterprise and Mid-Market Sales at Seismic, to find ways to keep her reps motivated and empathic toward customers. Eager to share what she’s learned, Nadia sprinkles bits of gold throughout her conversation with Jeremey.

If you have your team super-motivated, and, maybe, it’s just like you’re doing some self improvement stuff while then we’re finding your messaging and doing all that, it helps in the entire process.
-Nadia Rashid

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