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Increase Win Rates with Account Based Everything with Jessica Fewless {Hey Salespeople Podcast}

April 30, 2020

When Jessica Fewless started out her career in marketing… the sales and marketing teams really didn’t talk to each other.

Over the course of her experience, she’s learned how to work things so that sales and marketing are in absolute lockstep when it comes to Account-Based Marketing. Now VP of Customer Experience at Demandbase, she talks with Jeremey about how salespeople can implement certain motions in order to be more successful.

Field marketing teams can be really proactive in taking a look at the pipeline and understanding where there’s enough business and enough momentum that it’s time to run a field marketing event in a particular city. And we’re so in lockstep with the sales team, you know, when we come to the sales team and say, you know, we’ve looked at your pipeline. And so here’s how we’ve decided what cities we’re going to do different events in and we’re going to fly our CEO here and do a VIP dinner and we’re going to do an ABM workshop here because these accounts are largely like more top of funnel and, you know, those sorts of things. You know, the sales team is like, “Wow, you know my business.” Right? And that is what gets marketing and sales really working together well.
– Jessica Fewless

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