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Managing a Seasonal Workforce with Ada Vaccaro

January 14, 2021

Ada Vaccaro is Senior Sales Manager at Bench, a company that organizes the financials of small businesses, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs. In this episode, learn about the unique challenges of staffing a sales team for only a few months out of the year. Aly Merritt, Head of Community at Salesloft, joins as guest host.

Jessica, Aly, and Jeremey talk about the top three qualities Ada looks for in high-performing sales reps, how to plan capacity for a flexible workforce, and the ease with which salespeople can slip into other roles.

About 90% of our sales are inbound. We are basing our capacity planning on the top of funnel business owner’s forecast. So they’re doing the best job possible to forecast, but we all know forecasting is as much an art as it is a science. There’s a lot of gut intuition going in there.
-Ada Vaccaro

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