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Navigating Changes During an Acquisition with Paul Williamson

December 8, 2020

Paul Williamson is Head of Sales at Plaid, a platform that makes it easy for consumers to connect their financial accounts with the apps and services they want to use. In this episode, learn about the acquisition process from the perspective of both the acquirer and acquired. Shaundai Person, Junior UI Engineer at Salesloft, joins as guest host.

Paul, Shaundai, and Jeremey talk about the importance of finding a mentor, encouraging salespeople to win as a team, and communicating culture during a merger. Paul also discusses his wide variety of reading material and the biggest career area in which he still needs guidance.

We have defined our own team and we’ve defined our way to be successful as a team. So, in a lot of cases, I think that’s taken away a lot of the concern of being subsumed into another company’s culture.
-Paul Williamson

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