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Optimizing Sales Enablement with Kyle Coleman {Hey Salespeople Podcast}

May 21, 2020

Envision a world where useless, hourlong training sessions didn’t exist. Sounds incredible, right? Luckily for us, Kyle Coleman, VP of Revenue Growth & Enablement at Clari, has spent his management career not only envisioning this world, but also creating it.

In this episode, Kyle lets Jeremy in on a few secrets of his success refining enablement trainings — mini-lessons by video, “just-in-time” info drops, a little healthy competition — and explains a succinct way to tell marketing to tone down the fluff.

We don’t incentivize our mentors in any other way, aside from, “Hey, somebody did this for you, pay it forward.” We danced around the idea of having some cash incentive or some stock incentive or something like that, and ultimately landed on, “Look, the best mentors want to help people because they want to help people, not for any other reason.
-Kyle Coleman

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