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Restarting Growth During COVID with Mark Roberge {Hey Salespeople Podcast}

May 28, 2020

There’s no shortage of talk about uncertainty right now. So what’s a sales org to do? If Mark Roberge, Managing Director of Stage 2 Capital, could make only one recommendation, it would be this: Pivot boldly.

Fortunately, he shares even more recommendations with us on Hey Salespeople. In addition, Salesloft CEO Kyle Porter, serving as a special guest host to celebrate our 100th episode, warns against the danger of late pivots and provides a neat formula for measuring customer retention from short-term data.

The number one thing that everybody looks back on those moments and regrets is not being bolder in their pivot. And I know like everyone has been talking, adapt, adapt, pivot, pivot pivot. And it’s a little bit of a tired message. But at the same time, you know, I talk to, like, a bunch of businesses every day, and it’s rare that I find a salesperson, a sales leader, a CEO, that’s truly pivoted their business as boldly as they should.
-Mark Roberge

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