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Scaling a Sales Organization and Building Your Personal Brand with Justin Welsh

September 15, 2020

Justin Welsh is the former CRO of PatientPop, where he helped grow revenue from nothing to $50 million. Today, he advises and consults for small-to-midsize SaaS companies. In this episode, Justin and Jeremey talk about lessons Justin learned in starting as a VP of Sales with just one rep all the way to growing and leading a successful sales organization.

Listen in as they discuss what Justin looked for in the hiring process and why it’s important for salespeople to build their own brand.

People always ask me, how do you create content every day? And I just talk about what I’m doing. I make notes on my phone. I save interesting things that I read. If I discover a new problem or challenge that I solve, I write about it. If I discover a new problem or challenge that I don’t solve, I write about that as well.
-Justin Welsh

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