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Exceed Buyer Expectations in Your Outbound Strategy

December 16, 2021
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Buyers no longer expect to be sold to, they expect to be advised from the outset. So how do we go about this to achieve the best possible results?

During this session Andy Whyte, author of best-selling book MEDDICC and Ollie Sharpe, VP of Revenue, EMEA, Salesloft will show you how using metrics and understanding pain can help you get in front of more clients and stand out from the crowd.

You will learn:

  • How to use MEDDICC within your outbound strategy
  • How to use your existing customers’ success to fuel top of funnel
  • How to empower your sellers with knowledge and sales engagement technology

Andy Whyte – Founder, MEDDICC –

Andy Whyte is a sales leader who specialises in MEDDIC, the sales qualification methodology that is leveraged by many of the world’s top-performing B2B sales organisations. MEDDIC helps organisations ensure they are within the right deals and focusing on the right things to win.

After working at a number of different MEDDIC sales teams and implementing MEDDPICC himself to multiple sales teams, Andy felt he had a unique perspective that is rarely heard in the MEDDIC community of someone that is out there ‘doing’ MEDDIC on a daily basis, rather than just talking about the ‘doing’. This led him to write a book and the rest is history.

Ollie Sharpe – VP of Revenue EMEA, Salesloft –

ollie sharpe

Ollie Sharpe has an extensive leadership background in the technology space. He is known for developing high-performing sales teams with a strong focus on fostering talent. Ollie is currently the VP of Revenue, EMEA at SalesLoft, following a tenure leading successful teams at LinkedIn in the UK.

Ollie is passionate about the art and science of sales, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and shaping culture in hyper-growth businesses. His record of success in disruptive technology environments has confirmed Ollie as an expert in B2B sales strategy.

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