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Getting to “Trusted Advisor” Status with Your Buyers

October 28, 2021
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Digital selling is here to stay. Educated buyers are doing more and more of the buying journey online, on their own, and without ever speaking to a seller. Yet, we know that it is increasingly difficult to establish credibility with cautious buyers and their leadership teams. That puts more pressure on the entire revenue team to build trust with their buyers digitally before the first phone call ever takes place.

Hear from Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop, and Josh O’Brien, Co-Founder of RevShoppe, as they share their insights around questions like: “How do I build trust in a 50 word email?” and “My buyer stopped engaging. How do I know if I lost his or her trust?”  You’ll leave with a checklist of simple tips and daily practices you can use to earn credibility with your buyers.

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