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Insights on Growth from Top EMEA Sales Leaders

June 1, 2021
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In the past year, we’ve learned that digital selling is faster, more cost effective and more scalable than traditional sales. As companies continue to experiment with new methods to exploit the benefits of going digital, it is helpful to understand what other teams are doing to win.

During this webinar, we’ll hear from successful EMEA leaders, of top organisations like Peakon, Forecast and Brandbassador, on how they are:

  • Onboarding teams to support remote working
  • Optimising social selling to stand out from the competition and nurture relationships
  • Creating world-class buyer and customer experiences
  • Using data and technology to understand how to best engage prospects and customers

Speakers include:

Neil Ryland, CRO Peakon, A Workday Company

Lauren McGuire, Sr. Director of Sales, Forecast

Matt Harris, Partner & Vice President, Brandbassador


Marcus Oulds, RVP of Sales, Salesloft

James Ski, Founder and CEO, Sales Confidence

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