Inspect & Close More Pipeline with 3 Key Engagement Insights

October 20, 2020, 9:30 AM EDT

Are you making the most of every opportunity? Do you leverage data in your daily deal management activities?

As a rep or manager, it’s hard to extract the insights you need from a mass of confusing sales data. During this webinar you’ll learn which 3 specific deal engagement criteria to use in your daily deal management. We’ll share data-backed insights on:

  • The relationship between engagement and win rates
  • The impact of time on deals
  • When and how to engage key decision makers in the sales process

Join us for this data-backed and expert-approved session full of insights you wish you already knew.


  • Dr. Sneha Subramanian, SalesLoft Data Scientist
  • Ollie Sharpe, SalesLoft VP of Revenue EMEA
  • Misha Jessel-Kenyon, SalesLoft Account Executive EMEA
  • Dan Gottlieb, Senior Analyst at TOPO

Date & Time

Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020
9:30AM EDT
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