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Recruitment at Scale: 5 Ways to do More With Less!

March 28, 2022
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Handling clients, candidates and new business is difficult, doing that in a competitive market is a completely different ball game.

We’re bringing together Jack Fox, Account Executive at Salesloft and Charlie Collier, Business Partnerships Manager at REC to help you accelerate your business.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to grow/scale up
  • How to get one step ahead of the competition
  • How to streamline your process effectively and maximise return
  • How to diversify into a new sector & grow into a new geographical area
  • How can you get a new recruiter building relationships faster

Plus, you’ll get a sneak preview into exactly how a Sales Engagement platform like Salesloft can help you deliver all of the above and more.


Jack Fox

Account Executive, Salesloft

Jack started his career in Recruitment in 2014, working in the legal, healthcare and technology sectors, before finally co-founding a niche technology business under the CPL umbrella in 2017. Using Salesloft he accelerates the business’ growth on all fronts, working with some of the world’s largest vendors.

After moving to Salesloft in 2019, Jack has worked with recruitment agencies and software businesses to help them engage with their customers in a personalized, scalable way, enabling them to form healthier partnerships and drive more revenue.

Charlie Collier

Business Partnerships Manager, REC

Charlie joined the REC as Business Partnerships Manager in March 2021. He is responsible for managing and developing a broad range of commercial relationships with organisations who wish to engage with the REC members. This includes managing the business partnership scheme, offering a range of sponsorship opportunities, and negotiating exclusive third party offerings for our members.

Prior to working at the REC he has worked within the recruitment industry, in various roles, for over 10 years. Between 2014 and 2018 Charlie owned and ran his own recruitment business – which means he has first hand experience of the challenges, risks but also rewarding opportunities the recruitment industry has to offer.

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