Aly Merritt
January 21, 2020


Alexandra Adamson

As Executive Director at Women In Sales Everywhere, Alexandra creates an environment for women in revenue to come together and further their personal and professional development, connect, and network. Her REVstar nomination notes her "drive to create an inclusive, empowering space for all to thrive."

Read on to get the inside scoop on Alexandra, and listen to the interview to learn more about why she's in our first class of REVstars! (Full transcript here)

Alexandra Adamson
Alexandra Adamson
Alexandra Adamson

What inspires you every day? I was raised by a single working mom who loved me more than anything, but also loved her job. This meant that she was gone a lot, but I never questioned her love for me, instead I just knew that she really enjoyed what she did for a living and it was an important part of her life. I think growing up in a household where work was something my mom found pride in and enjoyed doing was a great lesson in the importance of doing something that makes you happy.

I’m inspired by the women who write into WISE every week and tell us that our community has made a big impact on their life in some pivotal way — they watched a VP of Sales speak who is also a mom of three, and it made them realize that they don’t have to choose their career or a family; or they implemented a strategy they learned and got the raise that enabled them to pay off their student loans. I genuinely believe that sales is a career that changes lives for the better, and I’m grateful to have learned that work should be something bigger than just “a job” from an early age.

Alexandra Adamson

What are your top 3 hobbies or interests? I’m a total foodie– I love trying new restaurants (one of the many reasons NY and I get along so well). I grew up playing sports and was an athlete in college, so fitness and exercise are still huge parts of my life. I love all aspects of interior design and just bought a little Craftsman house in San Diego that I am in the process of flipping, which has been the most fun project EVER. I could spend hours looking at faucets and light fixtures.

What’s your “guilty pleasure”? Buying sweaters. I had to put myself on a sweater quota when I moved to NY because I ran out of closet space and was storing sweaters in my kitchen!

Do you have a life philosophy or personal core values? What are they? Do today as well as you possibly can, and the rest will fall into place. I try to subscribe to the philosophy that you can’t change the past, so worrying about it is a waste of energy, and that the best way to influence the future is by taking total ownership of the present.

What is your go-to strategy for managing stress? Sweat! Go workout! Put down ALL tech and get my mind on something else

What’s your favorite book? “The Art of Fielding” by Chad Harbach



Photography by Lauri Levenfeld