Aly Merritt
January 21, 2020


Danielle Stefanello

Danielle believes in the chance to grow and take on new challenges, a goal which drove her recent move from the sales enablement team at WeWork to her new position of Sr. Manager, Sales Enablement at AlphaSense. Her REVstar nomination lauds her "willingness to be open and vulnerable to share why telling your story is so important, as she's leading the change in sales and inspiring to those of us in the revenue community."

Read on to get the inside scoop on Danielle, and listen to the interview to learn more about why she's in our first class of REVstars! (Full transcript here)

Danielle Stefanello
Danielle Stefanello
Danielle Stefanello

Do you have a life philosophy or personal core values? What are they? I won’t ever run from anything, instead I always run towards something.

What inspires you every day? My family. I feel so loved every day, and that inspires me to be the best version I can be, although there are many days I fall very short.

What are 3 words you hope people use to describe you? Tenacious, Passionate, and Thoughtful

What are 3 words you’d use to describe yourself? Creative, impulsive, and hungry

What’s your “guilty pleasure”? Watching Dr. Phil clips on YouTube

Danielle Stefanello

What are your top 3 hobbies or interests? Vintage shopping, traveling with my husband, and eating dumplings

What was your first sales job? Selling car wash in a can at gas stations

If you could have 15 minutes of fame for anything, what would you want to be famous for? Rescuing puppies

What is your go-to strategy for managing stress? Organizing my clothes



Photography by Lauri Levenfeld