The #1 Rated Email Platform

Personalization, Automation and Optimization

SalesLoft’s #1 rated email tracking platform is smart, scalable and moves as quickly as you do. Easily create and share authentic conversations throughout the customer lifecycle. Analyze and optimize your emails with detailed tracking of opens, clicks, and responses. Improve email deliverability and engagement.

  • Scale Your Prospecting

    Prospect more successfully and in less time to see a 322% increase in pipeline*

  • Drive More Opportunities

    Engage human-to-human and exceed your goals to see a 28% increase in close rate*

  • Personalize And Automate

    Automate communications that can be shared, personalized by account, and continually optimized.

  • Strengthen Relationships

    Increase close rates, expansion, and retention to see a 450% return on revenue*

*Real success metrics reported from SalesLoft customers within the first year of implementation.

Leverage personal or team templates from anywhere. Tailor messages with dynamic tags or snippets.
Personalize Where It Counts
Account Tiering prioritizes accounts so you can focus personalization efforts on top-tier accounts, while automating lower-tier accounts.
Take personalization to the next level by updating messages on a one-to-one basis with text, embedded video, or attachments.
A/B Testing
Create variants and auto-distribute messaging to uncover which content you should double down on for the best conversions.
Real, Human Email from Any Platform

Enjoy improved email deliverability and engagement with SalesLoft. Receive notifications on opens, clicks, and responses. Activate the live feed to monitor email activity and respond faster using a paired Dialer.


Work within your preferred application. Send tracked emails from right inside of Gmail.


Microsoft Outlook user? SalesLoft integrates directly into Outlook as well.


No need to switch between programs. Send email within your CRM.