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Four Reasons Customers Choose SalesLoft
Sell Better

Engage at the right moment to exceed customers’ expectations. The SalesLoft platform helps sellers optimize interactions and reach their numbers.

Lead Exceptionally

Mold the sales vision for the future. SalesLoft provides critical understanding into sales activities so leaders can see what does and doesn’t work.

Improve Operations

Optimize tools and processes with deep insights. SalesLoft facilitates communication between sales and leadership, and provides resources for training.

Evolve Efficiently

Integrate the customer journey across all teams with SalesLoft. Make more informed strategic decisions and innovate the business using quality customer data.

The Industry’s Best Salesforce Integration

Monitoring and tracking sales activities is a crucial element of what makes Salesforce so effective. This is why all calls made and emails sent in SalesLoft are automatically recorded as activities in Salesforce. The SalesLoft integration is a bi-directional sync and is built natively in Salesforce, so you can rest assured your information stays up-to-date.

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Personalization Engine

SalesLoft is the only platform built to enable your team to personalize their sales engagement at tremendous scale. We also have integrations with the industry’s leading personalization tools including Owler for recent news on your prospects, and Crystal which provides detailed personality breakdowns and communication style suggestions. SalesLoft is designed for you to intelligently speak to your prospect instead of sending them canned-automated emails.

Your Sales Stack, Integrated

SalesLoft has more integration options than any other platform. Every modern sales organization has a tech stack they know and love, that’s why we created an ecosystem of Cloud Partners that can help you get your job done faster. From data and phone to company and prospect insights, SalesLoft has all the resources needed to succeed in a modern sales environment.

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Customer Love

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Seriously, it’s part of our core values. We will do whatever we can to make sure you’re successful. We love our customers and we’re thrilled that they feel the same way. That’s why we want you to hear from our customers about why they switched to SalesLoft for modern sales engagement.

“I explored a few other solutions, but honestly there was nobody else that came close.”

-Kevin Truex, Inside Sales Manager

“SalesLoft met our criteria and was our product of choice after evaluating 3 other tools.”

-Peter S., Click Metrics

“If switching from another tool like Outreach, give it some time, chat with your awesome rep, and you’ll be thankful you switched.”

-Simone R., Quantcast

“If you’re looking for a solution which will integrate into all of your platforms (gmail, salesforce, etc.) this is the best platform.”

-Brent B., Snow

“SalesLoft has experience, depth of product features and the best support team to help you be successful.”

-Brent P. , ClientSuccess

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