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Historically, sales forecasts are time-consuming and error-prone. Now with sales forecasting software like Forecast by Salesloft, forecasting and delivering predictable revenue has never been easier. 

Combine AI and real-time human insight to triangulate an accurate forecast that gives sales teams the confidence to call their number and the seamless workflow to deliver on it consistently. With revenue forecasting as part of your sales platform, you can develop smarter business plans, make business decisions, and help with performance management. Plus, use APIs to unlock even more game-changing results.

Key Metrics in Real-Time

Get true pipeline visibility to meet your quota and submit accurate forecasts every time.

Real-time data and alerts surface new deals and changes so you quickly understand the impact to your forecast. Study key metrics, assess sales performance, and dig into the deal record at any time. Plus generate forecast reports with comprehensive sales reporting software.

With sales forecasting tools in the same platform as all sales data, sales teams can take action right from the forecast providing insight and efficiency. For example, when you are in the platform submitting your forecast and realize you should follow-up with a buyer, craft an email with a proven template or give the buyer a call with a built-in Dialer.

AI powered Sales Forecasting

AI-Powered Forecasting 

Salesloft sales forecasting software helps you triangulate a call number with confidence based on the AI Forecast, weighted pipeline, and your team’s forecast. The AI forecast is based on algorithms using dozens of factors across hundreds of deals to help you create more accurate forecasts.

Of course, increased forecast accuracy isn’t worth much if you can’t use it to improve sales performance—we believe AI should be explainable, ethical, and valuable. Right from the forecast, you can drill into each deal to get the answers you need. All actual sales data, buyer engagement data, and historical data is together in one platform. This also helps leaders surface insights and improve sales enablement tactics.

Best Sales Pipeline Visualization

With pipeline management tools and dashboards, sales organizations can maintain complete visibility into their sales pipelines. Follow forecast-relevant KPIs, identify potential bottlenecks, and streamline sales management. Take a proactive approach to sales planning and build a workflow that works for you and your sales team. Plus, within Salesloft Deals, sellers can take action right from the pipeline and make in-line edits to progress deals.

Complete pipeline visualization improves sales management because leaders can quickly step in to coach when they see a seller is not building enough pipeline.

Stop Using Excel Spreadsheets

Whether it is an Excel spreadsheet, Google Sheets or any alternative, you face switching between apps, manual data entry, and a greater chance of errors. Gain functionality with automation tools that streamline processes and offer the insights your team needs to win. With Salesloft forecast management software, you can submit the forecast right from the platform with automation that rolls it up – no more collecting spreadsheets or hoping for integration.

With a quick glance, your sales organization can see updates within a dashboard where you can filter and view deals in motion, focus on high-priority deals, then adjust your sales cadence templates to surpass forecast projections. Moving from Microsoft Excel to sales forecasting tools is a great step whether you’re a sales pro or if you’re looking to grow your small business.

CRM Integration

Maximize the time of your salesperson with automatic CRM integration, like what Salesloft provides with Salesforce. The increased functionality and sync keeps your sales activities and customer data up-to-date and helps your sales process run more smoothly.

You can think of it this way: Smoother sales process, happier customers. Happier customers, happier sales reps. Happier sales reps, more revenue. It’s that simple.

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Accurate sales forecasting is crucial to your sales plans. We could go into deeper detail about key features that enhance forecasting—but we figure our customers should do the talking instead.
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