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3 Ways to Efficiently Execute Your Account-Based Playbook Across Your Team

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Aug. 23, 2017

Account-based sales development requires at least 16 to 20 touches per contact according to TOPO research.

To successfully complete that high number of touches, your account-based efforts require strategy and alignment across your entire sales organization. Just like an offensive coordinator in football, sales managers have the visibility to see the entire playing field and can help your reps carry out the right tasks. You have to create and implement a playbook your entire team can execute that will engage with your ideal customer.

Sales engagement platforms like Salesloft make it easy to deliver your playbook and strategies to your entire team. Features like Team Cadences codify your account based sales process and allow your reps to seamlessly execute a number of touches. From there you can even break down the sales process into customizable plays that will make the most of the touches your reps complete and lead your team to win their deals.

From developing the right playbook to executing specific plays, our sales team has a lot of experience using Salesloft to help the entire team achieve their account-based efforts. That’s why we’ve invited Patrick McGill to talk more about three ways to make your account-based sales team more effective.



Hey everyone, this is Patrick McGill here at Salesloft. Today I’m going to talk to you about a team-wide approach to account-based sales. While your team is already working tirelessly to connect with new accounts and close deals that are already in the pipeline, there are some ways for technology to make life a lot easier for reps on a day to day basis.

Let’s discuss three ways we can make your team’s account-based strategy more effective. A cornerstone of a sales professional’s job is to implement and execute a playbook to connect with your ideal customer. For most teams, this playbook includes when and how to reach out to that ideal customer. With the playbook developed, now half the battle is to get the reps to stick to it. That way you can measure success. What’s helped us overcome this here is Team Cadences, handing the rep the playbook, and a way to execute on it immediately. The beauty of Team Cadences is you can hand a new rep everything they need to be successful, but you can also measure those successes not just for a new rep, but for all of the reps at the same time.

Now that your reps have a playbook and a vehicle to execute it, let’s dive into the specific plays. As you call, email and execute other steps in Team Cadences, it can be challenging to know what’s working. With Team Templates, your entire team can execute on the same email-specific plays. If you want to give your reps a little more flexibility, they still have the option of toggling over to their own personal cadences, to execute on their own plays. This entire process gives you higher visibility into what’s working and what’s not. While you execute on specific plays, you’ll find yourself doing the same things over and over again, like sending the same content or sharing the same meeting credentials. The beauty of Team Snippets is you can use a snippet that anyone on your entire team has made, giving you access to more content to pull from. Eliminating these manual repetitive tasks gives you more time to focus on your plays.

Thanks for watching. Hope you picked up a few tips to help speed up your day.

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