Ready to Hear More “Yes”s?

SalesLoft helps sales teams close more deals. We integrate with today’s top CRMs, turning your data into easy, actionable, multi-channel steps that help sellers get to “yes” quicker. “Yes, I’ll take your call.” “Yes, I want a demo.” “Yes, send me the contract.”

What Exactly Is Sales Engagement Anyway?

It’s no secret that sellers don’t like using CRMs. Constantly entering data and logging activities is time-consuming, not to mention the clunky workflows. And without proper CRM adoption, managers lose visibility and winnable deals fall through the cracks. Sales leaders get inaccurate forecasts and struggle to explain why. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Think of SalesLoft as a co-pilot for your CRM. We integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and other CRMs and tools in your tech stack to streamline workflows across sales and marketing. And all your activities are automatically synced back to the CRM.


Guide reps through the sales process and automate their buyer interactions across phone, email, social, direct mail, and video. Built-in flexibility lets you personalize those interactions to create an exceptional buying experience.


Keep managers on top of what’s happening with open opportunities. Uncover gaps in the deal cycle to keep deals from slipping through the cracks.


Call recording and coaching features help you understand the impact of every sales conversation. Replicate and scale the behaviors of your best-performing reps across your entire team.

Analytics & Reporting

Dashboards provide deep insights at every stage of the sales process. Forecast more accurately, quickly understand what’s working (and what’s not), and continuously optimize performance.

Built for Your Entire Team

SalesLoft: Success by the Numbers

Pipeline 3x

Prospect faster and triple your pipeline.*

Productivity 20%

Optimize sales performance, coach for success, and drive process adoption to gain 20% productivity. **

Close Rate 28%

Connect human-to-human to drive more opportunities and increase close rate by 28%.*

Return on Revenue 4x

Increase close rates, account expansion, and renewals for four times more return on revenue.*

*Real success metrics reported from SalesLoft customers within the first year of implementation.

**According to The Total Economic Impact™ Of SalesLoft, a February 2019 study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SalesLoft.

Leading by Example

G2 named us the #1 leader in Sales Engagement for 10 straight quarters.
SalesLoft was the only company to receive the top score in 16 criteria.
Top rated in Sales Acceleration, Sales Engagement, and Sales Email Tracking by TrustRadius.