Why SalesLoft

Emotionally Intelligent Sales

Get a deeper understanding of what your customers need.
SalesLoft helps you build unified, proactive, and emotionally intelligent customer experiences, from the first contact and throughout the customer lifecycle.
Generate Pipeline
Connect with People

Engage authentically, ensuring meaningful sales interactions in the moments they matter most. Balance quality with quantity to meet—and exceed—your customers’ expectations and your sales goals.

Manage Deals
Coach and Improve

Lead your team with confidence, gaining understanding into what works and what doesn’t. Gain valuable insight from customizable metrics and coach your team in real time without losing focus.

Improve Process
Support and Inform

Provide helpful structure for your team and empower strategic decision-making. Understand what your team needs to perform at its best and build a bridge between execution and leadership.

Build Relationships
Evolve the Organization

Innovate more efficiently with sales insights that deliver value across the organization. Measure sales effectiveness and gain deep understanding of rapidly changing customer priorities.

Leverage SalesLoft to enjoy a 2.5x increase in response rates, 20% increase in SQL to opportunity conversion, and throughout the customer lifecycle with 13% increase in renewals.

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Engage with Agility

SalesLoft offers robust customization for governance, helping you align your team’s activities with business objectives. Balance individual autonomy with operational oversight.

Limitless Profiles

Define as many unique roles as your organization needs and customize as you grow.

Scalable Solutions

Utilize default roles and permissions or tailor them for more sophisticated teams.

Fully Customizable

Provide team members with freedom and flexibility while maintaining administrative oversight.

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SalesLoft is the sales engagement platform that helps you connect with people, solve problems for customers, and move organizations forward. Learn more about our industry-leading capabilities and see the platform in action.

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