Why SalesLoft

Emotionally Intelligent Sales

Deliver a better customer experience at every stage.
Sales is more than smiles and dials. SalesLoft powers all the stages of your revenue lifecycle while optimizing the customer’s experience.
Empowering the Entire Revenue Organization

From finding and qualifying prospects to closing new customers to growing and renewing accounts, SalesLoft allows you to engage authentically, at scale.

“SalesLoft solves the tedious process of outbound, keeping track of large lists of prospects automating the process and adding some solid intelligence behind our outbound efforts. “
G2 Crowd Review – SDR
Goal: Consistently Deliver Pipeline
Opportunity Development Reps, whether inbound and/or outbound, are responsible for qualifying leads and building quality pipeline.
Challenge: Focusing Where it Matters
Development Reps struggle to balance quality and quantity while striving to reach pipeline goals and keep pace with changing markets.
SalesLoft: Quality and Quantity
SalesLoft reduces admin time, optimizes workflows, and improves process adoption resulting in bigger and better-qualified pipelines.

SalesLoft customers enjoy a 2.5x increase in response rates, 20% increase in qualified lead to opportunity conversion, along with a 13% increase in renewals.

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SalesLoft Powers Your Revenue Strategy

Deliver better experiences throughout the customer lifecycle to maximize revenue.

Connect with People

Prospect more successfully and in less time to see a 322% increase in pipeline*

Drive Opportunities

Engage human-to-human and exceed your goals to see a 28% increase in close rate*

Optimize Performance

Identify top performers and improve coaching to increase productivity by 20%**

Ensure Success

Increase close rates, expansion, and retention to see a 450% return on revenue*

*Real success metrics reported from SalesLoft customers within the first year of implementation.

**According to The Total Economic Impact™ Of SalesLoft, a February 2019 study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SalesLoft.

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SalesLoft is the sales engagement platform that helps you connect with people, solve problems for customers, and move organizations forward. Learn more about our industry-leading capabilities and see the platform in action.

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