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A Sales Development Hack That Earned $12K By “Dropping A Professional Social Network View” On A Prospect

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Jul. 18, 2014

Viewing somebody’s LinkedIn profile is like knocking on somebody’s door. You view me, I view you, and then we have some common ground to talk about.

-Udi Milo, LinkedIn Senior Product Manager

Many professionals prefer viewing LinkedIn profiles anonymously. Why? Because they know LinkedIn will alert users to the activity on their profile.

These users have selected one of the bottom two options in their settings:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.17.31 PM

But is anonymous really a good idea?

You are prospecting, building lists, and reaching out to professionals who may have never heard of your company.

[box]Don’t you want people to see that you’re interested in their skills and business endeavors?[/box]

As you prospect with Salesloft Salesloft, our tool searches public information on their LinkedIn account and leaves a “view” of their profile.

[box]You’ll see an immediate increase in your profile views.[/box]

Check out the spike:


You’re finding the contact information of the people you care about, but you’re also alerting them that you’re interested. It’s a touch that sparks curiosity and creates a warmer lead, and it’s done automatically.

And It can do even more.

In November 2012, our CEO, Kyle, prospected a list of VPs of Sales.

One of the prospects noticed Kyle had viewed his profile. He navigated to the Salesloft homepage and signed up for the free version.

Later that week, the prospect submitted a support ticket and soon signed a $12K deal.


The initial trigger? The notification that Kyle had viewed his profile. It truly validates the power of a LinkedIn “view,” and is a super simple way to warm up leads and close more deals.

Are you interested in learning more about building targeted lists of leads and managing your outreach within on platform? Sign up for a free trial of Cadence below: