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Introducing “Houston, We Have a Sales Problem”

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Aug. 2, 2016

Sales professionals are the true explorers of an organization. They’re the astronauts, exploring the outer reaches of your company’s sphere of influence.

However, unlike real astronauts, they’re expected to complete their mission while dealing with a litany of systematic problems that make their jobs harder. We expect perfection from our sales teams, even when the deck is stacked against them from the start. But no longer. It’s time to radio mission control for help:

Houston, we have a sales problem.

Just like NASA, the first step you need to take in solving any high risk problem is to first understand it, diagnosis it, and find a solution. That’s why we created our newest eBook “Houston, We Have a Sales Problem.”

sales problems eBook


This eBook serves as your manual for solving four of the biggest problems facing sales teams today, so you can take your sales team to new heights. These sales problems take many forms, but in this eBook we will be addressing some of the world’s worst:

  • Sales reps are spending less time selling
  • Customers are harder to reach
  • Personalization is difficult
  • Success is difficult to replicate

Download your copy of the eBook today to launch into greater detail on each of these issues, how deeply they impact a sales organization, and what using the right sales tools can do to solve them.

Let’s get ready for take off.