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New Research: The Discovery Call Benchmark Report

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Jun. 14, 2017

To the well-versed sales rep, discovery calls are a lot like first dates. You’ve put in time, effort, and light conversations to spark initial interest. Now is the time to see how compatible you and your prospect actually are. So, you set a time for your discovery call, prepare and research some meaningful talking points, and hope for the best.

But what if you didn’t have to leave it to chance? What if there were best practices and techniques that were proven to give you a higher chance of success? What if we knew what the top performers in the industry were doing differently on their discovery calls? Well, by using machine learning to analyze 500,000+ discovery calls recorded through their platform, has answered these questions!

Leverage the insights from 519,291 discovery sales calls.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with to deliver these insights to you in our latest research report, “The Discovery Call Benchmark Report.”

discovery call benchmark report


The report provides key insights and takeaways from in-depth and rigorous discovery call analysis. A few key insights include:

  • The optimal number of questions to ask
  • The talk/listen ratio of top performers
  • The best day and time to schedule discovery calls
  • And much more!

Download your copy of the free report today and start turning every discovery call into a highly qualified opportunity.