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Prospecting the Ideal Customer, A Sales Tips Video

2 min read
Sep. 9, 2015

Finding the ideal customer — it’s the number one step on the forefront of every sales development rep’s mind. Not just identifying and uncovering the ideal client base, but successfully mining through the prospects to find the interested buyers — that’s the real challenge. Watch today’s sales tips video below, where Salesloft SDR Team Leads Mitch Touart and Tyler Bliss address how to search for the ideal customer.

Prospecting can prove to be the biggest challenge for many reps. But knowing where and how to find those prospect pockets, and ways to mine through the masses to find the ideal customers can be the strongest skills a rep can use to come out on top.

These guys are prospecting pros, and their strategies of definitive data parameters, unique advanced searches, and specialized groups on LinkedIn have given them the competitive edge in uncovering that hard-to-find buyer.

Our team is devoted to helping that front-line sales development rep utilize every single tool possible to become an expert prospector. Take some advice from these SDRs who have tried it all — and are committed to providing your sales development team with the knowledge they need to become an efficient and specialized customer acquisition machine.