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Exploring the SalesLoft, Now and Beyond Track at Rainmaker 2018

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Updated Aug. 3, 2021
Published Mar. 1, 2018

Rainmaker is getting close now. Really close. Next week close. Tickets are becoming scarce, and it’s getting real. We’ve worked with the conference venue to add an extra 200 seats, but that’s the limit (per the Fire Marshall). Those last few spots are going fast, so if you’re thinking about attending now is the time to take the plunge!

We’ve been diving deep into each of the tracks and have already previewed the three tracks comprising 33 of the 44 breakout sessions: the Sales Leadership and Strategy Track, the Sales Mastery and Methodology Track, and the Sales Operations and Systems Track.

Today we’ll look deeper at the Salesloft, Now and Beyond Track. This track, unabashedly, explores the Salesloft platform.  The following sessions will explore what the Salesloft platform can do now, the successes our customers have been able to achieve, and how we’re shaping the world of sales engagement in the coming years. There is a reason why we’re the #1 sales engagement platform; these are the sessions in which you find out why.  And, most importantly, understand how your organization can build better sales experiences with us.

Here’s a sampling of six must-see sessions you’ll want to check out:

1. Level Up: Become a Salesloft Power User

Jennifer Lucas, Product Manager at Salesloft; Stephen Gladney, Product Owner at Salesloft

Wednesday, 3/7 at 1:40 pm

The Salesloft platform is always evolving, improving, and growing. It’s capable of more… sometimes more than you may know! Let us show you our favorite, most noteworthy capabilities in Salesloft and creative ways to apply them. We’re betting there’s something you haven’t yet discovered that could have a positive impact on your bottom line.

2. Inbound With Salesloft: Outbound Plays On Inbound Leads

Meg Hewitt, Regional Sales Manager, Retail at Salesforce: Chuck Jones, Sales Manager, Americas at Deputy; Keith Jones, Revenue Operations Manager at Deputy

Wednesday, 3/7 at 11:40 am

One panelist is sales ops, another panelist is sales – but they’re both from the same company, Deputy. Talented moderator Meg Hewitt, Regional Sales Manager at Salesforce, will guide these two panelists through an informative session on inbound and outbound sales, their individual perspectives, how they leverage Salesloft to their vision, and everything in between.

3. Data Science For All: Unpacking Derived Cadences

Roi Ceren, Data Scientist at Salesloft; Scott Mitchell, CTO at Salesloft; Sean Murray, Chief Revenue Officer at Salesloft

Tuesday, 3/6 at 11:30 am

How many touches does it take to get a contact to respond? Is it better to call or email a contact when reaching out for the first time? How long should you wait before following up with a contact after your first, fifth, or tenth attempt? Is there a combination of sales touches that consistently outperform the rest? These are just a few of the questions that keep our customers and Salesloft’s lead data scientist, Roi Ceren, up at night.

Over the course of the past year, Roi has analyzed more than 200 million sales interactions which have occurred on the Salesloft Platform since January 2016, looking for answers to many of these questions. This session will investigate what initiatives the data science team is working on, as well as the findings from recent projects and how insights from our vast data set will begin to take shape inside the platform.

4. Scaling Personalization: A Real World Success Scenario

Cam Hilsman, Product Owner at Salesloft; Jack Veronin, Sales Development Manager at  Everstring

Tuesday, 3/6 at 1:00 pm

Most people think personalization at scale is impossible. It’s not. Walk through this real-world example of how to leverage Salesloft cadences to reel in the big one with Cam Hilsman, Product Manager at Salesloft, and Jack Veronin, Sales Development Manager at EverString.

5. Focus. Roadmap. Vision.

Butler Raines, Head of Product at Salesloft

Tuesday, 3/6 at 2:20 pm

Butler Raines, Head of Product for Salesloft, will share the short-term roadmap and future vision of the Salesloft platform and cover some of the new and exciting capabilities that we’ll be adding for customers in the coming months. Don’t miss this opportunity to be in the know on what’s coming, understand how to get the most of the new enhancements as well as how to incorporate the new capabilities in providing better sales experiences for your customers.

6. How Salesloft Sells

Derek Grant, VP of Corporate Sales at Salesloft, Jordan Arogeti, Commercial Account Executive at Salesloft;  Kevin Walkup, Enterprise Account Executive at Salesloft,  Chris Smith, Senior Commercial Account Executive at Salesloft

Tuesday, 3/6 at 1:40 pm

Learn how the Salesloft sales team sells, along with the tactics and cadences used to bring home business for our team. As masters of our product, we know a thing or two about how to work the platform and integrate it into our sales process – and Derek Grant, our VP of Corporate Sales, is happy to share all we know with you!

This was one of the most popular sessions at Rainmaker last year, and we’ve been asked to bring this one back by popular demand.

There’s so much more on offer with additional speakers including: Amanda Holcombe, Implementation Sales Manager at Salesloft; Bryan Hill, Product Owner at Salesloft; Derek Frome, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Twilio; Scott Mitchell, CTO at Salesloft; Roi Ceren, Chief Data Scientist at Salesloft; Sean Kester; VP of Sales Strategy at Salesloft; Danny Garcia, Senior Commercial Account Executive at Salesloft.

Want to learn more from our customers and industry leaders? Join us in Atlanta from March 11-13, 2019 for Rainmaker 2019!

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