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Understanding Your Call Metrics, A Sales Tips Video

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021
Published Dec. 16, 2015

Hey all of you Sales Development Reps out there… would you say making 50 calls in a day is a good number to hit Maybe. But a better question would be, “how many appointments did you set from those 50 calls?” Understanding the your call metrics, and improving your sales conversations, is the best way to scale your process as an SDR and do more than just hit your call numbers for the day/week/month.

Chuck Jones started out at Salesloft as a Sales Development Rep, and is now an SDR Manager sharing his personal advice behind understanding call metrics.

Sales Tip Recap: Understand Your Call Metrics

It’s common for reps to focus too much on call numbers, and not enough on conversions. But knowing what it is in your calls that turns a conversation into a set appointment is going to impact the overall metrics behind your calling strategies. Calling prospects that don’t pick up? Maybe it’s the time of day you’re calling. Maybe you’re not leaving the right voicemails. Find out what exactly it is that’s causing your conversations (or lack thereof) to fall through, and adjust your calling strategies from there.

Understand what your call metrics look like and use those analytics to your advantage. Become the master of your calling craft, and know exactly how many calls (and what call metrics to focus on during those calls) it takes you to set appointments.

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We hope you’re getting inspiration for your sales processes from our weekly sales tips. Have some sales tips or advice for us? Comment below and share what metrics you focus on that help drive your conversions.

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